Bad and getting worse

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I know we have already covered the obesity topic, but the CDC just released their obesity report for 2016 and the news is bad, really bad.  Instead of reducing the adult obesity rate, its actually increased – up to nearly 40%.  For middle-aged adults, its above 40%.  Time to go back to the drawing board and come up with some fresh ideas, because whatever we’ve tried to slow down this trend is clearly not working.


  1. Reading this post and the added link really opened my eyes to the trends that are taking place within the US and seeing how all our efforts to reduce the amount of obesity have had no effect on trends. This data accentuated the fact that this obesity issue will continue to be a major issue in society and for science.

  2. It is very crazy to see how much the obesity trend in the U.S. is increasing. As a country, there needs to be better plans and ideas in order to decrease the trend. People, as a whole, also need to motivate themselves and exercise as well as eat healthy diets.

  3. It really is astounding that the obesity rates have increased by up to 40%. Obviously these “solutions” to obesity are not working, but I am unsure of what real solutions would be. The Healthy People 2020 goals seem unattainable if the rates continue in this trend.

  4. Its still a shock to me than obesity rates could increase by that much in such little time. New solutions need to be brought to light if any change is going to happen. Clearly whatever were doing now isn’t working but i also think a lot of it has to do with us as people and choosing to eat right and be healthy. If we want to make a change so this doesn’t keep increasing then we need to start with ourselves.

  5. I am honestly not surprised that the obesity rates have increased up to nearly 40% of adults. When it comes down to it, people as a whole are not very good at making healthy decisions. The knowledge is there. Most people know that soda is bad for them and that not every meal should come from a fast-food restaurant, but that hasn’t seemed to stop them. Our poor eating habits have become an addiction that is incredibly difficult to overcome. It will take some serious psychology training as a society to overcome the temptation of delicious but unhealthy food habits.

  6. It’s sad to see that obesity rates have increased even more. Now days we have many more gyms and know the nutritional values of foods. There should be no reason for people gaining even more weight. 40% is ridiculous. An hour of exercise with balanced meals is all we need in order to reduce this percentage. All I can say that this is very sad.

  7. This is obviously bad and it’s sad to see it not getting better. That being said however, I think in the end it is up to the individuals to make a change themselves. The government can pass all of the laws they want and we can come up with endless incentives to push people towards a healthier lifestyle, but at the end of the day it is the individual’s decision. If they don’t really want to change, then nothing will change.

  8. Due to the national obesity problem, the United States lost at least $ 215 billion a year, including direct medical expenses and indirect productivity losses. According to the results published by the Brookings Institution, obese adults have an annual medical expenses of $ 147 billion compared with adults with normal weight, while obese children have more medical expenses per year of $ 14.3 billion than those with normal weight, obesity is really a large problem in America.

  9. It is very interesting that this gut health stuff could actually have an impact on your weight, or how you gain it. I strongly believe the two have a positive correlation and i think the more research that comes out on this topic, the more people will realize the effects if the gut on the body. Hopefully schools and curriculum start teaching about it more as well.

  10. It’s surprising to learn that the obesity rate is approaching 50%. It seems like there are new health opportunities everywhere. I think we should make it our goal to educate people about how to be healthier.

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