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I want to start off by saying I absolutely hate the website that I sourced this article from. They have lots of “click-bait” articles, with titles such as Ten reasons why you shouldn’t vaccinate your children, and 12 easy ways to remove acid build-up from your body, alkalize your pH and beat disease. But I’ll focus primarily on their article STUPID: Corn syrup for the apocalypse? Essentially, this article is exposing the fact that many companies that produce food made for long-term storage are using “corn solids to fatten you up.” Right off the bat, I want to explain why complaining about foods made for the apocalypse being fattening is totally idiotic. If you do find yourself in an apocalyptic or survival scenario, you WANT fatty foods. You need as many calories as possible, because eventually, you will run out of stored food. The article then goes on to explain that many of these storable food brands not only use corn syrup, which, in their opinion is horrible, but they use GMO corn syrup- a double whammy in the natural food movement. The author of this article knows that his reader-base already knows about the “evils” of GMOs, and so he doesn’t explain why he thinks GMOs are bad. The author continues, giving explanations as to why corn syrup is bad, offering no sources to back his claims. He then promotes Numanna Organic Survival Food, which is inherently better because it “contains no GMOs” (which is redundant), “no refined sugars, no ingredients whatsoever that might contain residues of pesticides or herbicides,” etcetera. An interesting fact about Numanna is that it was developed by Mike Adams, aka the “Health Ranger.” The “Health Ranger” often advertises on this website, which brings up this question: is this an actual news article, or is it an advertisement?

While this article is well written and offers explanations, the author does not understand the science, nor does he offer sufficient sources to back up his claims. The article is heavily sided towards organics and “natural ingredients,” which is not surprising, considering the website is titled “natural news.” The website itself is heavily biased, and I’m not convinced it’s actually “news” as it claims in its title. The website is chalk full of click-bait, and the article I read appears to be a hidden advertisement for Numanna Organic Survival Food. The reason I say this is because the owner of Numanna advertises regularly on this website and it’s a little more than a coincidence that there is an article written about his company.

To summarize, this article’s author is biased and offers no credible sources, the website is heavily biased and filled with click-bait, and the article itself is not news, but a cleverly disguised advertisement.



LeoA 100% Natural, GMO, MSG, and BS-free Article

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