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A recent study shows that researchers may have found the exact cells that cause certain allergies. Now, since this group of cells are now made known, scientists may be able to come up with a way to block these cells, which in response would block your allergies.

This group of cells are known as the TH2 cells. Scientists do have a treatment for peanut allergies which basically forces your body to become immune to the allergen by exposing your body to increased amounts of that specific allergen which in result helps the tolerance of the allergy. According to this article “We saw a dramatic decrease in TH2A cells after the success of the treatment,” stated by cell biologist Erik Wambre.

Scientists are still researching new ways to stop the development of these cells in order to help allergy patients.

This article came of interest to me because I’ve witnessed my sister dealing with awful allergies during the spring. Her allergies aren’t food related but this study is geared to help all allergies that caused by the TH2 cells. In witnessing my sisters allergies, even though she is constantly taking the common allergy relief pills and prescriptions, the pills hardly help her and there is really no other way to help her. So, I would love to see the success of this research study so there can be another treatment for my sisters allergies that could help her more.


  1. This is so cool that researchers have discovered this. I hope that this can be helpful to treat life threatening allergies so the fatality due to allergens will be reduced.

  2. Awesome! I think this is a big news for allergy patients. The result of this study may play an important role in treating allergies in the future.

  3. I think it’s cool that scientists have found the exact cells that cause allergies. Hopefully their research continues so they can continue treating allergies in the future.

  4. It’s amazing that the exact cells that cause allergies have been located! Doing research like this would really feel exciting! I hope that they continue their research so the treatment of allergies can be resolved.

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