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Lower the bar, for the good of the consumers

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To begin, I think it is very important to have high standards for things that we are putting into our bodies. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to things of that nature. However, we know that probiotics and prebiotics are good for our gut health as well as health overall, and that taking them will lead to positive results. Since this is the case, I think that it would be a good idea to make the standards slightly more lax, so that consumers can get the valuable information a health claim would provide. I think making the standards so high that scientists in the industry think they are unattainable is a bit extreme. I don’t think lowering them a ton is the answer, but I do think that lowering them enough allow a health claim would do more good than harm. If probiotics and prebiotics aren’t quite as good as what people think they are, then I think we would have stopped using them by now. If they do really improve one’s health …

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Your GMO labels aren’t needed here

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GMO’s and their place in the food industry is something that has become a hot topic recently. I’m not going to sit here and say that I know everything there is to know about genetically modified foods, but from what I have heard, they don’t seem nearly as bad as what they are made out to be. Until more consumers actually know what GMO’s are, I think the labeling of them is a bit obsolete. In fact, the more I think about it, labeling GMO’s is not really needed at all for several reasons. Believe it or not, these genetically modified organisms are getting their DNA varied for GOOD reasons. The food scientists out there aren’t sitting in their labs messing with foods in hopes of giving all humans a tail or sixth toe. They are trying to make foods more nutritious, fight disease, and even help hunger in third world countries. Changing a few genes to increase the amount of vitamin A in rice to help prevent vitamin A induced blindness in children doesn’t sound so bad now does …

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Allergies no more

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I found an article from NPR commenting on how it is common for children to outgrow their food allergies. The study explains a new test, called a food challenge, that is used to determine if one no longer has an allergy. Basically, whoever is being looked at will eat the food that they were once allergic to and see if there is any reaction. Of course this test is done under medical supervision, and the person of interest begins with eating essentially a crumb. If that goes well they can move up to a larger portion and “pass” once a certain amount is hit such as a whole egg for those allergic to eggs. Out of the over 6,000 patients the study assessed, 86% of them passed, 14% has a mild reaction (symptoms treated with Benadryl or an antihistamine), and only 2% had serious reactions (needing epinephrine). That being said, these patients were low risk to begin with. Based on the information in the article, this seems like a great discovery in the realm of food allergies. According to the …

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Healthy living – important for all ages

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There is no question that obesity has become a problem in today’s society, but at what point do we stop shoveling this problem off to the side saying, “people just need be more active” and actually come up with a solution? Now that over one third of the population is obese and yet another third is considered overweight, I think the time has come that we come up with a REAL solution to this very real problem. There’s a million ways that we could solve this problem, some more realistic than others, but the hardest part is finding solutions that actually work. There are plans out there that are trying to improve this obesity problem by punishing people for choosing to eat or drink the wrong foods. Doing this only makes people feel bad about what they are choosing to do and they are not learning anything about preventing the problem. My plan focuses on rewarding people who choose to live a healthier lifestyle rather than punishing those who don’t. I have two plans, one that focuses on children (elementary …

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Learning the hard way

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For as long as I can remember, eating had always been about what I wanted to eat and when I wanted to eat it. Whether that meant eating leftover pizza for breakfast or having a bowl full of ice cream 15 minutes before bed, it didn’t matter I would eat it. Of course that all changed when I began my journey as college athlete and I realized that grabbing fast food on the way to a game didn’t always lead to the best results. Maybe it was all the careless eating I did prior to college, but my stomach doesn’t seem the handle the grease and sugar nearly as well as it used to. College forced me to actually think about what I was eating for the first time in my life. I would be lying if I said it was an easy transition to go from eating as I pleased to actually caring about what I put into my body. It was on one of my first away soccer trips my freshman year that I learned fast something needed …