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You favorite Camping food turned into a dessert

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What is the first food you think of when you are getting ready to go on a camping trip? Most people think about is hot dogs. When I go camping or am going to be around a campfire I think of s’mores. I love chocolate and also roasting the marshmallows.  No just think about if you were to make that into spaghetti form. When I think about it it doesn’t sound the best to me. I mean don’t get me wrong I love pasta and I love s’mores I think the two together throw me off and don’t sound as good. The ingredients that you will need to make the s’mores spaghetti is all the same ingredients that you would need for s’mores but the only things you need to add would be Chocolate milk, white milk, water and agar-agar. They said that it only takes 1 hour to make the s’mores spaghetti. You are basically making this into a gelatin form. Everything that you need you can buy it at a grocery store, online, and also at Home Depot …

AndiYou favorite Camping food turned into a dessert
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Food Safety

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Food Safety has become a more important issue in the United States in the last couple years. With all of the new ways people are eating, allergies, and disease that are out there that could be contaminating the food and getting people sick. You need to know that your food is being properly made and that there is no contamination.  With that being said not all of the responsibility is on the people that produce the food. When you buy a raw piece of meat at the store the people selling the meat expect you to cook the meat to the right temperature so that it is safe to eat. You can’t blame the producer if you are the one that didn’t’ cook it to the right temperature at home. This is why they have stuff on the package or in a recipe it tells you what the temperature should be at. I remember when I went to the Nebraska Agriculture Youth Institute and they had the Nebraska Pork Producers come and talk to us. They stressed that pork needed …

AndiFood Safety
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Labeling GMOs for the consumers

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I think that it would be a good idea to add the labeling to the GMOs because then everyone would understand not complain about them not telling them what is in the food. People also need to take into consideration that this isn’t a new process. We have been adding GMOs for the last 20 years and not longer. Also everything that you buy in the store is regulated by the FDA so they aren’t going to let you eat something that is unsafe. The Consumers should have a choice if they want to eat GMOs of not. There is a problem when labeling the GMOs if you would put a label on the product there would just lead to more misconception then there already is about them. They would go and look up everything and not understand why it is in the process to make the Genetically modified foods. People’s man misconception is if they are safe or not. They are safe because more than 70 percent of your food contains GMOs in them (The Editors). A lot of the core elements …

AndiLabeling GMOs for the consumers
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Fresh Thyme shopping experience

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Coming from a small town we had to grocery stores. We never had a grocery store that just for organic food. So going to Fresh Thyme was a very new experience for me to go and see. I also have noticed a change in the culture in which the way people eat here. I was never surrounded by vegan or vegetarian. There had been people that were Gluten Free in Ord so we were starting to get section in our grocery stores. For this assignment I went and shopped at Fresh Thyme. I was a very different experience for me. I enjoyed going and seeing all of the different brands that were there and what they had. You can tell that everything in there is natural. You may think that when you go into one of these stores all of the food is going to be healthy but it is definitely not all heathy foods there. Going there just made me think that I want to shop there. The fruit looked so good and had such a great color added …

AndiFresh Thyme shopping experience
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You are what you eat

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Growing up I had a normal childhood with what I ate.  There might have been a couple weird food that I ate here and there. I ate the usual little kid food, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and ice cream. I mean I still eat those foods because lets all face it you can never get tired of ice cream! Growing up my parents tried to get me to eat foods that I had never tried before and my not have liked but as they say “If you don’t try it you won’t ever know if you like it”. As I got older and started to play sports and be more active I learned that in order to have a good diet and stay healthy for the activities. I need to stop eating junk food and start eating healthy food. I remember that before every volleyball game My mom and I would go grocery shopping and while you see other people throwing in the junk food for their children to take with them on the bus my mom …

AndiYou are what you eat