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The Food Network Taught Me

In # 1: You are what you eat, Leftovers by Brandon1 Comment

There are many ways food has influenced my life. Originally food was introduced to me by my mom as she always made the best spaghetti, breakfast for dinner and honey mustard roasted chicken thighs. Throughout the years she has always cooked, and always found a way to keep making new different foods to keep me eating.  Suddenly, my mom is taking night classes to get her master’s degree which meant I would now have to cook dinner for myself, after school, and football and track practice. It’s not like I’ve never cooked before, but I’ve tried a few times and had very little success. The first night she had class she previously made oven roasted turkey leg with bell peppers and onions with a side of rice. The delightful weigh the onions and bell peppers lend all their flavor to the succulent turkey leg was divine. What I didn’t know is that this will be what I cook next week when she has class. The night comes, my mom leaves all the ingredients for me and I begin; boiling water, …