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Can We Trust Jim?

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I regularly research information about nutrition optimization and work out plans, so I came across Jim Stoppani a while ago and thought he was very interesting. He is a personal trainer who has his PhD from Yale in cellular and molecular physiology. This would lead me and over a million-other people that follow him to believe his information is accurate and precise. In the video, I watched called “9 Nutrition Rules for Building Muscle” he discussed his rules to maximize muscle gain for his “Shortcut to Strength” 6-week workout plan. He goes in detail about macronutrients and the amount of each to eat per pound of body weight, how often to eat, specific types of proteins to include, a handful of supplements to optimize uptake of vitamins and other nutrients. Personally, being a student of science I have taken classes in nutrition and biology so I had a very clear understanding of everything he said. The information was direct and straight to the point. He never really tried to “dumb” anything down. He speaks very clear and direct, a great …

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Nutella… a Spread to a Powder!

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Ever wanted to make your favorite spread into powder? Well look no further it’s here! With the polysaccharide maltodextrin which is a breakdown of starch from potatoes, corn, wheat, or most commonly tapioca. It is used as a thickener, low-calorie sweetener, and in this case, turn high-fat foods into powder. Maltodextrin absorbs oils and fats in foods which is what makes Nutella from a spread to a powder, by simply whisking 1/3 cup of Nutella with ½ cup of Maltodextrin. Viola! Now you have a simple, and cool molecular gastronomy trick to impress the masses.

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Pro Probiotic/ Prebiotic Labeling

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The definition of a probiotic is live microorganisms when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit to the host. The definition of a prebiotic is a substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit. The underlying theme here is that probiotics and prebiotics provide adequate health benefits for people. This is not in question. What is in question is the stringency of the FDA and ESFA when it comes to food labeling of health benefits. The biggest issue with these companies is the intensity in which the health claim needs to be stated. What benefits consumers is the knowledge that there is a benefit to consuming a certain food and that the claim is true.   The FDA and ESFA are right in which there should be very stringent tests on how the probiotic and or prebiotic represent the health claim. The best thing for consumers is that what they read on a label is true. The issue is that what they read doesn’t have to be scientific literature. The ESFA would force companies to …

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GMO Friend Not Foe

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As our society becomes more educated we like to be more informed on the decisions we make. Even looking back twenty years ago, people would purchase necessities such as food without wondering what the repercussions of how the food was grown/ obtained. Now there is a huge debate on the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMO). The largest issue is that people relate GMOs with pesticides which has been proven to be harmful is inhaled or consumed. The truth is that every GMO that is approved is 100% safe and does not lead to disease. In fact, GMOs can do the same job as pesticides without causing any harm to people. They can also fortify nutrients into foods, making them healthier. Many scientists beg the question that we have been altering the natural selection of plant and animal species ever since people started selective breeding. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t believe that GMOs shouldn’t be labeled. I believe in transparency within companies is what makes companies thrive if they are doing the “right thing”. Looking at GMO labeling from …

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The Food Network Taught Me

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There are many ways food has influenced my life. Originally food was introduced to me by my mom as she always made the best spaghetti, breakfast for dinner and honey mustard roasted chicken thighs. Throughout the years she has always cooked, and always found a way to keep making new different foods to keep me eating.  Suddenly, my mom is taking night classes to get her master’s degree which meant I would now have to cook dinner for myself, after school, and football and track practice. It’s not like I’ve never cooked before, but I’ve tried a few times and had very little success. The first night she had class she previously made oven roasted turkey leg with bell peppers and onions with a side of rice. The delightful weigh the onions and bell peppers lend all their flavor to the succulent turkey leg was divine. What I didn’t know is that this will be what I cook next week when she has class. The night comes, my mom leaves all the ingredients for me and I begin; boiling water, …