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5 Healthy Foods That are Actually Healthy

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I found an article in the Orange County Register online by Amy Osmond Cook where she talks about “5 healthy foods that are ruining your diet.” She goes on to say such things as how fruit can interfere with weight loss. She goes on to also say that quinoa and oatmeal, when eaten for breakfast, are unhealthy because of the toppings you put on them. The article says how a bowl of oatmeal may add up to 700 calories and above. The final item that is labeled as unhealthy is a whole wheat wrap. The wraps are twice the size as two pieces of bread, which is too much for a diet. This article has many false claims and may scare many into not eating typically healthy foods such as oatmeal, fruit and whole wheat wraps. The first and faultiest point she has is that she brings up how bad the toppings are and how they increase the calories, making the original food unhealthy. This makes consumers afraid of eating foods such as oatmeal, because of the supposedly high calories. …

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Hot Ice Cream?

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Have you ever wanted ice cream in the winter, but it is just too cold? Well, now you will be able to eat Hot Maple Ice Cream. This is an ice cream that won’t melt on a warm summer day. This ice cream uses heat to actually form into a gel-type substance that resembles ice cream. The magic of this recipe is a substance called methylcellulose. Methylcellulose is another new and innovative play on food in a category which is relatively new, Molecular Gastronomy, which is an area of food science that investigates the chemical and physical transformation of food that occurs during the preparation or cooking. Methylcellulose is a chemical which is derived from cellulose, an organic compound that is an important structural component in plants. Methylcellulose is used as an emulsifier. Just like cellulose, methylcellulose is not digestible. Similar to gelatin and agar-agar, methylcellulose inhibits gelification in foods, but only creates a gel after being heated. After it cools, it will melt. So, Hot Maple Ice Cream is the exact opposite of your traditional ice cream that melts …

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To GMO or not to GMO?

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A law requiring food companies to label foods as a GMO product is unnecessary. GMO’s, in my opinion, are probably the hottest topic in the food science industry right now. There are so many people that are now starting to move towards non-GMO diets and completely organic. This has made companies start to come out with their own organic and “natural” products. This seems strange because it seems as if their own products are competing with each other, but actually, they are just expanding in order to meet different consumer demands. The term “GMO” seems to scare a lot of people away from conventional foods. Some people think that if it is genetically modified, it will have pesticides and chemicals within the food product. The same people like to believe that the term GMO is an ingredient, and not a process to enhance the food. GMO’s are improving the quality of the food’s shelf life, appearance, etc. Eventually, I believe we will see more and more genetically modified animals and even genetically modified humans. Being genetically modified improves the intended …

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Nature’s Path to Sustainability

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Nature’s Path is a privately owned organic food company, founded in Vancouver BC. Nature’s Path is now North America’s largest certified organic breakfast and snack food company. The co-founder, Arran Stephens, likes to say: “Nature’s Path is committed to the three ‘Ps’: people, planet, and profit”. The motto of this company is to “always leave the earth better than [we] found it.” This motto to them means that they have many programs and multiple aspects that they care about when producing their products. Nature’s Path is always trying to save and preserve water because it “is a precious, finite resource.”   Nature’s Path also has a Non-GMO Project. Their mission is to build and project their non-GMO food supply. This project is a third party verification and standard for non-GMO foods and products according to Nature’s Path’s website. The ‘Growing Organic’ plan has kept over 38,500 tons of chemical fertilizers and over 7,500 tons of pesticides out of the soil in the years 2014 and 2015. The reasoning behind the company choosing to be organic and non-GMO is because they …

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Never Take Food For Granted

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Food is so easy to take for granted when it is always available. Think about it. In the United States, it is rarely unavailable to the average human and we are able to eat theoretically whenever we please. Unless you’re a wrestler. Wrestlers always have this time from October through March when they are “cutting” weight and fasting in order to make their desired weight class. This practice has allowed me to appreciate food on a different level. When something gets taken away from a person, it makes that thing so much more valuable and cherished. When food is taken away from a person, it gets appreciated fully because that person constantly thinks about it. The food a wrestler puts into their body during this fasting time is ever so important. The way they choose their food depends on when the weigh-in is. If the weigh-in is a week away, their diet would be different than if it was two days away. A typical diet a week out could consist of many carbs for a sustained energy source along with …