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Keep it Equal

In # 7: Gut health by Casey1 Comment

It is important that the bar is lowered for gut health claims on packaging. Even with the strict regulations that are in place now, there are instances of unnecessary labeling. As we discussed in class, companies are putting words on packaging for mainly marketing reasons. Most of the words do not have any value or significance to the nutritional value of the product, they are words that the company solely put on the package for marketing purposes. Consumers are seeking out products with “100% Natural,” “Immune Support,” and, among others, “Antioxidants.” The consumers do not do their research and do not know what they are actually buying. If these companies are allowed to put these claims on packaging, gut health companies should be allowed to put their health claims on their packaging. What consumers do not realize is that some of these words they are seeking out have no meaning when it comes to the nutritional value of the product they are buying. They consume these products because they think that they are healthier than foods without the claim. Some …

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Mars is Raising the Bar, and I’m Talking More than Just Candy

In # 5: Sustainability by Casey0 Comments

Mars, Incorporated was started more than 100 years ago. What started as a small, family, candy-making business grew to be so much more than chocolate. Today, the company has over 80,000 people working for it, and can be found in 78 countries all over the world. The company expanded its market to include six different business that include petcare, Wrigley, food, drinks, symbioscience, and, of course, chocolate. Each business is very diverse. They each require their own manufacturing, packaging, advertising, etc. Because of this, Mars felt the need to implement a sustainability program. Their program encompasses every part of all of their businesses. Their website maps everything out in order for its customers to see its goals and progress towards reaching their goals. Their company is committed to reducing their direct greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2020 (compared to their 2007 levels). They haven’t stopped there. To one-up themselves, their goal is to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2040 and be completely green. Another goal they have in increasing their sustainability is to become …

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A Night of Normalcy

In # 4: Food allergens in the news by Casey3 Comments

It is getting to be most peoples’ favorite time of year. Temperatures are dropping and the leaves are beginning to change from green to all shades of orange and red. Stores have taken note of the change in season and have begun displaying fall decorations along with all kinds of seasonal squashes and other kinds of produce. Supermarkets and shopping centers line their storefronts, or a few aisles, with orange pumpkins of all shapes and sizes for families to purchase to take home to carve or to use as decorations. Recently, within the last few years, a new color of pumpkin has hit the shelves. These new pumpkins are teal, but not as a result of genetic modification or biotechnology. In most cases, orange pumpkins are painted or the teal pumpkins are made of molded plastic. The Teal Pumpkin Project was launched in 2014 by the nonprofit Food Allergy and Education (FARE) group. For kids, fall means picking their favorite superhero or princess and dressing up as them for Halloween. Most kids go trick-or-treating and race to see how much …

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Are Organics Worth the Thyme?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Casey1 Comment

The demand for organic foods is growing and according to the USDA, organic sales account for over 4 percent of all food sales in the United States. Due to this demand, more and more organic stores are popping up all around the United States. Fresh Thyme is one of new organic grocery chains opening stores in the Midwest which includes one store in Lincoln and three stores in Omaha. According to Fresh Thyme’s website, their store is focused on selling fresh, healthy, and natural products. A section of their website is titled “Fresh. Healthy. Natural. It’s Thyme!” As we learned in class, natural” does not mean anything unless the term is used to label meat and seafood products. This particular section doesn’t talk about meats or seafood. They are a little misleading and rely on the psychology associated with the term “natural.” They put the idea into peoples’ heads that their produce is better because it is “natural.” I think this, the way organic food is marketed, is one of the reasons why more people are choosing to buy organic. …

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Tell Me About It, Spud.

In # 1: You are what you eat, Leftovers by Casey2 Comments

I grew up eating family meals around the kitchen table where enough food was cooked for at least eight people every night. It didn’t matter if someone worked later or had some sort of sports practice, we made it work where we could all eat supper together at night. Most meals were meat and potato (and vegetable, usually something from our garden) type of meals.  It was a rule that everyone had to clear their plate and finish their glass of milk before they could be done and leave the table. We learned manners at the table such as: don’t start eating until everyone has their food, and no elbows on the table. When I was young, my dad did most of the grilling and my mom was the one who cooked most of the meals. She is one of the reasons why I love to cook and bake. When she was a child in her early years of grade school, she was responsible for having supper ready when her seven brothers and sisters and parents came in from working …