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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Organic?

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Until recently, my experience with organic foods was limited to whatever my uncle Dwayne would pull out of his garden. My uncle, while one of the kindest people I know, is also one of the most traditional farmers. On his acreage one could find a bounty at any time during the year: squash, pumpkins, apples, raspberries, grapes, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, onions, etc. I love visiting my extended family, and I love eating the medley of food the prepare for our family get together’s, but I could never really understand the toil of gardening. Especially growing crops without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial agents. I always thought crops yielded without these agrochemicals would be wormy, or too hard to find underneath all the weeds. Dwayne never seemed worried about bugs, or crop yield, and his nonchalance made it easy to forget my concerns. Thinking of the simple meals my extended family made to highlight their harvest’s bounty every year, made me think that all I would find within an organic store would be produce. In fact, the produce section …

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Treating Yourself Gone Awry

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When I was growing up, both my parents worked full time jobs. However, my father’s job required him to travel for about a week of every month. For my mom, this week apart was particularly strenuous. Caring for a pre-teen, a sassy grade schooler, and a preschooler, was taxing enough after her long work days. Let alone having to cook for us as well, especially since we were all so picky. More often than not during that week away my dad would be treated by his company to a variety of delicious ethnic cuisine, and our mother would treat us to whatever pre-made meal was quickest. Whenever my father was home my parents would cook together and often we would all cram into our tiny kitchen, working on homework, complaining about our teachers or co-workers, and of course eating copiously. As time went on my father started having to take longer trips, to destinations further away from home. My mother, trying to cope with now three teenagers, all extremely busy with social lives and school activities, as well as one …