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ONE thing that should be lowered

In # 7: Gut health by Chuan0 Comments

Health has long been a heated issue for them who are able to indulge themselves in luxury gourmets. With more discoveries on food products affecting our bodily systems, more problems have also popped up as a form of distrust, and one of them is the gut health. For long have the gut health issue been a taboo, but as an issue concerning everyone, it should be discussed more than ever. The regulatory agencies should not hide and forget about the problems that have surfaced from this topic, but confront them, then only can the public rest assured, knowing what they eat won’t kill them, but actually help them in ways they cannot begin to imagine. With these problems in hand, people who didn’t have the sufficient amount of knowledge on the context have their faith in those ‘healthy’ food products shaven away bit by bit. To tend to this problem, everyone should be educated, the criteria for gut health claims should be lowered, but only to the point that these food products can still be regulated, overseen by the health …

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GMO, Yes or No?

In # 6: Labeling GMOs by Chuan2 Comments

GMO, these three letters has become a controversial topic amongst the public. But what does GMO mean? GMO is an acronym for “genetically modified organisms”, that is, organisms which has had their genetic material artificially manipulated through genetic engineering, thus enabling certain characteristics from other organisms to be implanted into the target organism. In the current situation, one of the most heated argument is on GMO labeling. Some believes that GMOs are not safe, they shouldn’t be labeled but banned from the world; some believes that GMOs are not safe, thus should be labeled; some believes that GMOs are safe, but should still be labeled for the consumers to make their own choice knowing the contents of the food; some believes that GMOs are safe, thus labeling is not necessary. Out of the many different views on GMO labeling, there are no rights or wrong, but pros and cons on the issue. Monsanto, the most hated company by the anti-GMO activist, the biggest corporate in GMO products, are one of over 1100 food and agriculture organizations that support the bipartisan …

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The world currently holds 7.3 billion people, and is expected a growth of 1.2 billion in 13 years. With this many mouth to feed, it is but a mere matter of time before all the resources runs dry and humanity at the brink of extinction. Then it all comes down to one simple matter, sustainability. This simple word, sustainability, bears a lot behind. It could mean life or death, it could mean evolution, it could mean extinction. If people do not start sustaining the resources that is left, only darkness lies in the future; on the other hand, sustaining the current resource means a longer road ahead. In the food industry, big companies little by little starts acknowledging the means of sustainability. Not only does having a sustainability program allow a huge cut in cost, it also sends a message to the public, educating and reminding the people the importance of having sustainable resources. One such company is the PepsiCo. It is the parent company of Pepsi carbonated drinks, Frito-Lay snacks, Gatorade energy drink, Quaker oatmeal, Tropicana fruit juice and …

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Little by little

In # 4: Food allergens in the news by Chuan1 Comment

Food allergy has been running around in history long enough for humans to care about it. The big 8, namely milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans are the most common allergic reaction conducing food. It wasn’t a new thing for me as both my sisters used to have allergy towards eggs, and shellfish, though the allergy wasn’t severe and faded as time pass. The problem in my family made me wonder if allergies can be prevented, thus the studied article in field of allergy cure. “Towards a Cure for Food Allergy” by J.M. Skripak and H.A. Sampson has just what I am looking for. The article talks about the many types of treatment for different allergies, which I find helpful towards creating a world where people can enjoy food as they like, without any physiological negative feedback. As of the article, hydrolyzed formulas might be associated with lower risk of cow milk allergy. Milk allergy is not to be confused with lactose intolerance, while they sound similar, lactose intolerance is caused by the lack of …

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Good or Illusion?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Chuan0 Comments

Does eating organic food really makes you healthier, or is it all just an illusion people had facing the stressful truth of reality? Sometimes, we need to take a break from everything, think hard and long about all the choices we make, all the thoughts we feel was right. I was surprised when I see the organic label so often when I walked down the aisles in Walmart. It caught my attention that the organic and non-organic labelling can make so much difference in an item, the ingredients used are obviously organic standard approved, but many also exclude the addition of salt and sugar. The addition of salt and sugar are one of the many things able to force illusion onto humans as being unhealthy. One such example is pop beverages, change the sugar into some other sweetener, label it ‘no added sugar’ and everyone thinks it is some kind of detox drink. Another thing I observed while strolling in Walmart is, organic labelled items always have higher price than the normal products. Not to say the many factors that …

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No more, no less, none.

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion, Leftovers by Chuan0 Comments

The World Health Organization, WHO stated that the number one cause of death in the world is Ischaemic Heart Disease (WHO, Jan 2017), but what leads the birth of this vicious killing machine? There are many answers, but many of them related to one thing, excessive consumption of junk food. Let’s define junk food. Junk food is a kind of nutrition supplement which provides little or none actual nutritional value or even harms the body when consumed. We come across junk food every day, might have eaten them every day and still little do we know it will kill us one day if we don’t stop practicing this unhealthy habit of eating junk food. Many attempts of dissuading the intake of junk food had been proven useless. Calorie information are often ignored, hardcore fans of pop wouldn’t mind paying more for their favorite guilty pleasure. If all these fail, what else could work? What can the government still do? Let’s pretend we live in a communist governed country. A mandatory exercise session for the citizens to have a healthier lifestyle …

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Where to eat? Mamak!

In # 1: You are what you eat by Chuan1 Comment

What does it mean to be a Malaysian? Multi-raced? Different culture? Having so many holidays because of all the big days? To know at least 2 languages? I think not, in my opinion, a true Malaysian is one that thinks about lunch while having breakfast, planning your dinner while enjoying lunch, talking about supper while getting your dinner ready, and having supper with your friends at our so called ‘mamak’ which is open 24/7. You see, Malaysians love food. There is only one thing we love more than food, which is being together, and get food. If you go to Malaysia, ask anyone about mamak, I’m sure everyone can answer you, but what exactly is this mamak I mentioned? From google, it says A Mamak stall is a food establishment which serves mamak food. But to me, it is a place where friends gather after doing sports, a place everyone comes to watch sport competitions, a place to chat with your friends without getting told to leave and not to forget they serve food and drinks as well. A mamak …