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Confusion of the sodium nitrite

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Sodium nitrite is the inorganic compound. It is used in meat curing, coloring and such as these kind of industrial processing.  It is able to delay the oxidative rancidity development due to the react with free radicals, terminating the cycle of lipid oxidation that leads to rancidity. But many experiment showed that an increased incidence of stomach cancer nitrite in food is associated with it.  That most of us think about the sodium nitrite. It is well known as toxic compound in food, it does have negative effects. As reported that sodium nitrite can cause the oxidative damage to the cell membrane, what’s more, it also do harm to liver tissue for it can elevate the enzymes activity in liver connecting with the oxidative stress. The experiment was carried on in animal like rat. To be honest, sodium nitrite can result in a decrease in spatial learning ability and memory in rats which has already been proved. These are the more about what we think sodium nitrite is. However, it has some benefits as well. Sodium nitrite can be used as the antimicrobial additive in food …

ChunConfusion of the sodium nitrite
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All should be responsible for safety problems

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Food safety problem has become one of the most concerning problems in daily life. Although many authorities put eyes on this field, there are still few incident breakout every year. The reports of food recall or new food microbiological problem  increase every year. So, who should be responsible for the food safety problems? This issue has been discussed for a long time. From where I stand, the first should be the government. They have the authority to set up rules and regulation to the industries. For example. The Food and Drug institution, they can make the strict regulation to make sure the food safety level. And they can do often and random spot check to different kind of  products provided by the industries, using this way to guarantee the quality of the goods. The government can also educate the food safety knowledge to the citizens and let them pay more attention on these kind of problems. The industries should also take the responsibility on the food safety problem. For instant, the milk powder incident happened in China several years ago. It …

ChunAll should be responsible for safety problems
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My view on labeling GMO’s

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what is genetic modifying? In fact it is the process of natural selection to preserve and enlarge the part that in a favorable survival in the random nature genetic variation. We all know that GMO’s have both plenty of advantages and controversy. It can resist of the diseases and pests, so many farmer introduced the modified genetic crops to enlarge the yield and make more money. The crops for instance the soy were used to make oil, so should we label that it is the GMO’s? In my point of view, The GMO should not be labeled. In human knowledge about genetic information is including Mendel’s pea hybridization and Longping Yan’s super rice which is the mostly known modified crops to Chinese that ultimately produce high yields of grain and largely solve the food problems. It has lots of advantages but there are still thousand of people against that. The label may mislead the consumers due to the less knowledge about the GMO, so it may damage not only the profit of the company but also the  consumers’ right. Also, …

ChunMy view on labeling GMO’s
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Is Gluten free benefits or not?

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It was happened by my side. The food allergy is one of the issue that need our more attention on. A friend of mine, who was suffered from the gluten sensitivity problem, began to diarrhea for several days after she had the corn. And I found a strange phenomenon, if she had enough vegetables and fruits, the symptom would be less. At that time I guess it might be the fiber in those vegetables protect that. To be honest, in China less product in the supermarket would stable if it is the gluten free, it is not easy for the person who have such kind of concern to pick up whatever they like and safe. Like other countries have a lot of cases, in China the public has not been given enough attention to the gluten sensitivity. The logo, because may still in the stage of the popularizing less domestic identification imported pre-packaged food is relatively standardized. Another reason is that the most commonly allergy for adult is the peanut protein allergy and shrimp protein allergy. But I believe in …

ChunIs Gluten free benefits or not?
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The way people eat affects

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Sometimes when we watch a picture of  a well-build person, we may admire him or her, and then have look at the extra meat on the bones… As for me, I might go on a diet and exercise for several days then quit. Nothing changed. There is saying: You are what you eat. Everything you eat become a part of your inner and outer part of your body, for instance, the low-fat dairy contains abundant vitamin A and the cells in our body are strongly need of this kind of vitamin, after getting that your skin is health enough, that may be the reason you look well today. I have been here Lincoln for a week, and in this period of time, I experienced the way people eat. That might be part of it. Referring to the culture, the eating habits are totally different from we Chinese. Apparently, the Americans looks different from Chinese in general. A specific example is that at the Olympic Games. In this meeting, both US and China got good performance,but in totally different event. Here I want to …

ChunThe way people eat affects