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Peanut Allergy Related to Genetics

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This article discusses some of the new research done on figuring out how genetics can affect the way people get and keep peanut allergies. The researchers Dr. Denise Daley, and Dr. Ann Clarke have conducted research regarding the specific genes that can play a factor in whether a person develops a peanut allergy. They were able to pinpoint a gene called c11 orf30/EMSY (EMSY) that may be the culprit for the development of peanut allergies. The research that was conducted was on many individuals affected by the allergy and many without to find a key difference. The difference was found to be the EMSY gene and can be a deciding factor on the likelihood that a person develops a peanut allergy. The article explained that previously they had been looking at a different gene to be the likely culprit, however, that was not determined in the study. Looking at the research done on to me shows that there are improvements and a progression toward figuring out the complexities associated with food allergies. I find this article extremely fascinating because it …

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Traveling Taste Buds

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As a child and teenager, I was never a very picky eater, although there were a few things that I would have never touched with a ten-foot pole. I was always mortified by the texture of mushrooms, put off by the flavor of liver, and terrified by raw tomatoes. In this stage of my life, I would always make a fuss if any of these foods were served to me at home. However, when I went to live in Germany for my gap year, after graduating from high school, the idea of these foods being in my meals changed completely. Honestly, in the beginning, the only reason I started eating these foods was that I was always taught to eat any food that is served to you from unfamiliar people. Since I was living with a host family that I had only just met, I decided not to be rude, and I gave some of these foods a try. Amazingly enough, I didn’t hate it; I actually started to like the foods that I once hated. While living with my …