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The Reality of Food Safety for Consumers

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Most foods that consumers are able to purchase are safe for consumption, they just have to be stored properly in their household. One exception of this case is meats. Meats such as beef, chicken, as well as pork not only need to be stored properly for consumption, but also need to be cooked properly. If the consumer improperly cooks or stores meats, this gives rise to food illnesses, that can lead to health risks and in some cases, even death. Bacteria such as salmonella or E coli can remain in the food, which the consumer then consumes, causing them to get sick. Majority of food companies have labels on their products warning of the dangers of consuming undercooked or raw meat. If the food company is properly labeling their products, it is completely up to the consumer to take the necessary precautions in cooking these foods. When it comes to these types of food illnesses, consumers rarely want to take responsibility for their actions. In the modern world, sometimes people forget that there is still danger with certain foods that …

CourtneyThe Reality of Food Safety for Consumers
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Consumer Rights with GMO Labeling

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There are many studies showing that genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)  have found to be safe for consumption by people. In fact, in many cases, there are benefits for farmers to be able to produce better crops in the long term. However, this has consumers asking, “but what’s in it for me?” GMO’s have been a huge topic of discussion, almost since their first appearance in products. What people do not realize, is that things like genetically modified corn have been around for years and years now. The battle has more so become, not between the safety of consuming of GMO’s, but on scare tactics. The organic food industry tries to shame and scare people about GMO’s and being uneducated as consumers about the topic, it has begun working. If the food industry found that GMO’s are unsafe for human consumption, those safety concerns would have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to require labeling requirements. That is not the case though, so why is there such a large push for genetically-modified (GM) foods to be required to have labels? A …

CourtneyConsumer Rights with GMO Labeling
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Early Exposure of Food Allergens To Children

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In a recent study, scientists from Imperial College London analyzed research from 146 studies on the effects of feeding babies allergens at a young age. These scientist conducted the largest analysis and study of data on the effect of feeding things such as eggs and peanuts to babies. These studies involved more than 200,000 children. After analyzing the data, they researchers found that feeding babies allergens at a young age may help prevent egg and peanut allergies, the two most common allergies among children. Out of the 16,289 research paper on allergies, 146 were chosen for data analysis. The results showed that children who were feed egg between the ages of four and six months had a 40% reduced risk of allergies to eggs, in comparison to children who were fed egg later in life. In addition, children who ate peanuts between the ages of four and eleven months had a 70% reduced peanut allergy risk, compared to kids who tried peanuts later on in life. They are considering their research, but the UK government is taking this into account. However, …

CourtneyEarly Exposure of Food Allergens To Children
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The Organic Food Takeover

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As I walked around Target and looked around me, I came to notice how many organic food products there really were. There were even some products, other than fruits and vegetables, that claimed to be all natural and organic. I never realized that there was such a thing as organic macaroni and cheese. One product in particular that I noticed quite a bit was the brand called Simply Balanced, as well as another brand called Annie’s. I remembered seeing these brands before because I have plenty of friends on an organic food craze. Simply Balanced and Annie’s products advertised on their boxes to be free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. They also advertised non-GMO products and talked about how their products used fair trade practices, along with being environmentally and socially responsible. All these products had statements about their mission along the lines of providing, “great-tasting food that takes the guesswork out of eating well”. I had never realized before how much goes into the labeling on organic foods compared to normal food companies. They had all these different …

CourtneyThe Organic Food Takeover
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The Power of Food

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Growing up, my meals consisted of around the same food groups every time. I love my mom, but she does not know how to cook extremely well and because of that I had a majority of recurring meals. It was the usual spaghetti, chicken with rice, sloppy joes with mac and cheese, and green bean casserole. In addition, I could also say that my family fits the midwestern stereotype fairly well. I had burgers, steak, corn, and potatoes as kid too. With both my parents working full time jobs, that affected a majority of the meals I had. Fast food wasn’t foreign to my siblings and I as kids due to the fact that it was a quick and easy way to feed a family of five. Even so, my parents both made an effort to have my siblings and I get together to have a family meal every night. My mom used to say I was a picky eater, but truthfully, I think it was because of how picky of an eater my dad is. Anything outside of the …

CourtneyThe Power of Food