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Ever Tried Smoked Beer??

In # 9: Molecular Gastronomy by Elizabeth0 Comments

Molecular Gastronomy has provided new and innovative dining experiences. The term molecular gastronomy refers to the scientific discipline that studies the physical and chemical transformations of food while cooking. Basically it transforms the taste and textures of foods. Fortunately, a lot of molecular gastronomy recipes do not require any special equipment or chemicals. Unfortunately, the recipe that I found does require equipment. Smoked Beer Recipe: Ingredients/ Materials: Your favorite beer Smoking gun device ($99.95 with free shipping from Amazon) Mesquite wood chips (Set of 4 that comes with wood chips, mesquite, hickory, apple wood, and cherry wood for $29.99 with free shipping from Amazon) How to make it: Pour your favorite beer into a glass. Put the wood chips into the smoking chamber of the smoking gun. Put the gun’s tube into the glass filled with beer and cover the glass with plastic wrap. Turn on the gun’s fan and light the wood chips with a lighter. When smoke starts filling the glass, gently shake the glass. Turn off gun, remove plastic wrap and the gun’s tube from the glass. …

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Know Your Allergies

In # 4: Food allergens in the news by Elizabeth1 Comment

This article described that the best way to find out about an allergy is through an oral food challenge. An oral food challenge is where the person is given a small dose of food by mouth while being supervised by a board of certified allergist. It is said to be the “golden standard” for determining if someone is allergic to a food. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI), which is a professional medical organization of more than 6,000 allergists-immunologists and allied health professionals, examined the results of 6,327 oral food challenge studies that were conducted at five food allergy centers around the US. They determined that only 2% of people had severe reactions, also known as anaphylaxis, and only 16% of people had reactions at all. The 16% of people that had minor reactions only suffered on one part of their body such as hives on their skin. I personally think that an oral food challenge is very important. If someone thinks they are allergic to something but isn’t for sure then they should do the challenge …

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Organic Is Not Worth It

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal, Leftovers by Elizabeth3 Comments

I have never been one to go shopping for organic goods. I personally have never had any interest in them mainly because they are so expensive and I am so broke right now. My first time going to Whole Foods was my freshman year in college with my close friends. This was actually the first time I had ever even heard of the store. They insisted on getting their groceries there and then eating the salad bar for dinner. I actually hated going there but I just went with them to get the salad bar and see what hot foods were out that day. The salad bar is probably the most reasonably priced thing in the entire store. You can make your own salad and then they weigh it at the checkout. Mine usually came out to be between $5-$6 which isn’t bad. My friends would always buy tons of groceries from there though. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes every time the cashier told them their total. They would barely get any groceries yet it would be so …

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Obesity is Taking Over

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Elizabeth0 Comments

Obesity is a major problem that I don’t think we take serious enough. It has become one of the leading causes of death. Here are a few ideas of things that could be done to help prevent it. First, I think that sit down restaurants should be serving the correct portion sizes. They also should make the calories for each item on the menu more visible and also post them online. I know when I go to restaurants I often over eat and end up feeling miserable by the time I leave. I like to look up menus online before I even go so that I know what my healthier options are. Sometimes calories aren’t posted online which makes is hard for people trying to stay healthy and look up the menu ahead of time. Restaurants either need to only be serving portion sizes or on the menu it should say how many portion sizes are in the serving. Restaurants could also use smaller plates so it looks like more food than it actually is. Second, I don’t think there …

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Noodles to Zoodles

In # 1: You are what you eat by Elizabeth4 Comments

If you should know one thing about me, it is that noodles are my favorite food. My family and friends know I don’t care where we go to eat as long as there is pasta there. I am literally always craving noodles. It doesn’t matter what you put on them- alfredo, meat sauce, pesto, or just butter- I love them! My love for noodles started when I was very young. My mom’s side of the family is Italian and for our family Christmas we always have spaghetti with my Grandma’s homemade meat sauce (which is my absolute favorite) with garlic bread. Christmas is one of the only times that my Grandma will make her sauce and she makes so much of it that we have left overs of it for weeks. It is so good that I am hoping to have it at my wedding, just like my parents did. I still have yet to get the recipe from her. My very first job was at Spaghetti Works in Omaha as a hostess. My love for noodles grew even stronger …