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Do farm kids have fewer allergies?

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I have always heard that exposure to the farm animals at a young age could help prevent allergies and asthma, and now this study out of Zurich University has confirmed just that.  The study, “How cats and cows protect farm children from asthma,” found that non-microbial molecules present in farm cats and cows can protect children from developing allergies and asthma.  One of the molecules is sialic acid.  The acid is not produced by humans because of a genetic mutation, but it is produced by many vertebrates.  Humans absorb sialic acid when they come in contact with animals that have sialic acid or when they consume food from animals.  The sialic acid is integrated into the human’s glycoproteins and trigger an antibody reaction.  The researchers compared the antibodies in a thousand children and found farm kids have many more antibodies than non-farm kids.  The researchers also found that the sialic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory in the immune system.   Additional studies have found that the microbes present in dust on farms can reduce allergies.  This study exposed mice to …

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Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner… All the Time.

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I am your typical Nebraskan: the one that grew up in a small town, surrounded by cattle, on a ranch, in a county that houses the second most beef cattle in the world.  My lifestyle has been greatly influenced by my upbringing, I have always been surrounded by cattle (literally – we have a feedlot right next to our house).  I am extremely passionate about the beef industry and always will be.  My dad, who is a veterinarian and a rancher in Broken Bow, has instilled this passion in me my entire life.  Our family would consume beef at least five days a week. We have a freezer that is always stocked full of ground beef, steaks, roasts and more. Of course, we would consume our fair share of chicken or pork, but beef has always been our staple food. Prior to coming to college, I never realized how much the beef industry was scrutinized or looked down upon.  During my first few weeks here in Lincoln, a friend of mine said, “I love Chipotle because they only get beef …