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Gut Health in America

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The criteria for a gut health claim should be 100% relaxed. There is scientific data out there that proves that gut health plays a role in a lot of different diseases, and outcomes that effect lifestyle. But, in all reality it is not entirely surprising. There are health claims all around the world that say that fats are bad and that they need to be avoided. It is a common claim that trans fats are bad for you, which is true. But it is also believed that saturated fats are bad for you, and they are not. There are healthy saturated fats out there that should be consumed on a regular basis are very healthy yet big industries and agencies chose to ignore these facts. Fats could be a more controversial topic, it is kind of a tough sell to claim that fats are good and there could be a lot more behind that topic that I am unaware of. However, prebiotics and probiotics do nothing but benefit the body. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t suffice for a simple …

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Steps Towards Sustainability at Clif Bar and Co.

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Sustainability is a big part of Clif Bar and Company. To initiate their sustainability program, in 2001 Clif Car and Company hired a full-time ecologist and decided to launch their program on Earth Day. One of the first steps taken was to redesign wrapper to become shrink wrap free, eliminating the use of over 90,000 pounds of plastic. After becoming organic USDA certified in 2003, the company switched to 100% recycled paperboard, saving 14,000 trees and 6 million gallons of water in just one year. In 2004 they became the nation’s first climate neutral biodiesel mobile marketing tour. In 2006 Clif started a program where their employees were rewarded for walking, biking, and carpooling. Soon after they started to pay employees to make eco-friendly changes to homes as well as to buy bikes to ride to work. For all their efforts thus far, in 2014 The White House recognized Clif for their leadership in renewable energy efforts. In 2016 Clif was awarded the Food Engineering’s Sustainable Plant of the Year Award for considering energy efficiency, alternative sources of energy, and …

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The other side of Hyvee

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Jade1 Comment

I needed to go grocery shopping and I thought it would be a perfect time to do this assignment. I went to Hyvee and I usually don’t buy anything or even go near the organic section, but I did during this trip. I am actually very familiar with the Hyvee organic section, a family member had a big organic phase where that was all she ate so we visited a lot, so this trip wasn’t my first. The organic sections are very natural feeling. They are all wood and outdoors-ish, which is smart on Hyvee’s part. It creates a sort of feeling you would associate with eating organic foods. It’s a neat area, but definitely not cool enough to make me want to spend more for the same exact product. This particular Hyvee has a very large organic section, the one back home is smaller but I am sure that they are all growing considering the hype associated with organic foods. The shelves were nice and organized, partially because not as many people visit that area of the store, so …

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Obesity in America

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My first course of action would be to target the big fast food industries. In an ideal situation, I would simply make menus healthier. The grease, carbs, and sugar are horrible for one’s body, and with the low prices that they offer it makes it so easy to eat more than you need. Wraps rather than burgers, veggies/fruits rather than fries. If they’re not serving the wrong types of foods, people can’t be tempted to buy them. Getting rid of the indulgent burgers and fries and chicken nuggets would cause many different situations. If one was in a true hurry, they would order something from the now healthier menu. If one really was craving an indulgent item they could make it at home, therefore making it healthier. Or one would eat at a sit down restaurant and eat a somewhat healthier version of what the fast food restaurant would have served them. Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King would make money no matter what they were serving as long as they were all serving the same, healthy options. If restaurants for …

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My Life through Food

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Food has been a large part of my life ever since I was a little kid. My step-dad loved cooking and he introduced his love for food to me at a young age. He watched the food network and public television cooking shows all the time, literally it was all that was ever on TV if he was around. I’m sure I despised them at first but before I knew it they grew on me. Ever since the food network is all I watch. He also cooked all the time. He had an immense amount of cookbooks and had any recipes of his own. Being surrounded by cooking and food is what peaked my interest and it obviously did a pretty great job considering I am currently majoring in food science. Aside from watching food shows and cooking, I also love to eat. I’ve been skinny my entire life, in fact people used to actually think I had an eating disorder. The truth was that I just had an incredibly high metabolism from my dad, and on top of that …