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Strange Charcoal, Ashes, and A 64ºC Egg.

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Molecular gastronomy is considered to a sub-discipline of food science. It basically transformed different food ingredients by utilizing physical and chemical methods to replace ordinary cooking methods. Nowadays, molecular cuisine becomes more and more popular and being accepted by the public as it gets very good use of operatively scientific renovations from natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biochemistry. Since molecular cuisine required lots of science background to process, it really limited most of normal chefs. There was a recipe which I found from called Charcoal, Ashes, and A 64 Degree Celsius Egg. The edible charcoal is made from cassava which was motivated by a 2-Michelin star Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz in Spain. For the ashes part were made with truffle oil powder, and the egg part was cooked utilizing sous vide method setting at 64ºC. The ingredients of the edible charcoal part included 1lb of trimming cassava, 1g of black powdered color, ½ tbsp salt, and 4 cups of water. The ingredients of the edible ashes included 40g truffle oil, 15g tapioca maltodextrin, 1.5g salt, …

AmberStrange Charcoal, Ashes, and A 64ºC Egg.
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Who is Responsible for Food Safety?

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Nowadays, food safety becomes more and more serious and popular within the public in both national and international field. Since different people will have different immune response to microorganism such as prebiotic, probiotic, or bacterial, it is difficult for the food producers to adjust the microbial content with various of food. Foodborne illness become a big concern in every year in the U.S. and around the world. Especially, during spring and summer, large food poisoning outbreak take place in the urban environment causing large hospitalization and uncountable economic lost. Here is the question, who is responsible for food safety? Consumers or food companies? What cause this issue to happen over and over again? What can be done to prevent people from suffering food safety issues? In order to protect people from getting food poisons, both consumers and food producers should take their individual responsibilities. However, food companies should aware that they will have the essential duty to regulate and eliminate the foodborne pathogens from variety of foods, which can be enumerated as salmonella in poultry, E.coil O157:H7 in beef cattle, …

AmberWho is Responsible for Food Safety?
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Review of Shellfish Allergy

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Recently, a comprehensive review of seafood-associated shellfish allergy written by Samanta S. Khora was published in NCBI in July 12th, 2016. The article detailedly elaborated the major reasons for shellfish allergy, the difference between fin fish and shellfish, the types of seafood-associated shellfish, the classification of shellfish, the prevalence and epidemiology of shellfish allergy, the clinical presentations of shellfish allergy, the diagnostic approach including patient’s clinical history, in vivo analysis of skin reactivity, in vitro quantification of specific serum IgE, and the oral provocation, the patient care which was majorly focused on the immunotherapy approach, and the shellfish allergens associated with muscle protein systems. According to Khora’s article, I knew that the shellfish could be diverse and conducted as a major category of seafood system (Khora, 504). People in world while kept consuming shellfish due to its rich and complex nutritional values without knowing that they actually put themselves in dangerous. Nowadays, shellfish was classified as a very common type of food allergy, and it was caused by an over-response of our immune system to a specific protein found in …

AmberReview of Shellfish Allergy
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Difference between Organic Egg and Conventional Egg

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Recently, organic food industry become more and more popular and acceptable by consumers, and it seems like there are some magic and secret ingredients within the organic products attract the consumers to spend lots of money on them. However, do people really know what they are buying for and do people actually realize what does organic foods mean. I really doubt it. At least I did not know what’s the difference between the organic food and conventional food until I started to take food science class. I wanted to take the egg product as an example to find out the difference between the organic egg product and conventional egg product. In order to look at them in details, I brought two different large brown egg products from two different retail stores. One was the Best Choice Grade A Large Brown Eggs from Walmart, another was the Organic Valley Brown Eggs from Whole Food. The outer packing of the Best Choice brown egg was just an inexpensive and yellow-covered foam box while the Organic Valley brown eggs were packed inside a …

AmberDifference between Organic Egg and Conventional Egg
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You Are What You Eat

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It is very true that people are easy to be changed because of some external forces. For example, we have to be more adaptable when we move into a new environment that is completely different from your own town. It usually means that we have to use the best of our ability to learn new language, adjust self-biological clock, change daily diet habit, compromise culture shock, and adapt newly social atmosphere in a relatively short period of time in order to live a little more. However, I think people will always remain their own food preference or habit and take it as a souvenir of their family’s memory or cultural customs. Four years of college in American really changed me a lot, I have been used to speak English, listen country music, and to watch football games. However, there is one thing that I hope I will never be changed and that is my eating preference. My favorite food is Chinese hot pot because it not only represents the reunion of my family but also connects the friendship between my …

AmberYou Are What You Eat