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The Grace That Shaped My Life

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I was born and raised in an environment in which food was more than just food; it was a paramount entity that consumed, not only my family’s culture, but also our lives. My family carries a polish background, which can describe how substantial food is for our festivities, meaning every time there was a family gathering the dining room table was completely full of an array of polish dishes and anything that could cause a heart attack, probably. However, the peculiar thing about my palate was that I absolutely hated polish food, especially blood sausage. Have you ever heard of a polish that disliked polish food? Neither have I. However, because my family praised food like some deity, I developed an innovative passion for flavor and fusion, hence why I am enrolled in the Food Science and Technology program at University of Nebraska-Lincoln today. There’s a perspective in psychology, called the Environmental Perspective, that’s dedicated to understanding how personalities and personal traits are established through one’s environment. I’m incorporating this concept because I believe it’s substantial in understanding my background …

KaraThe Grace That Shaped My Life