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Lawsuits, Victims, & Food Safety… What is at stake when consuming?

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Food poisoning outbreaks are significantly one of the more common illnesses that could potentially be deadly. The world faces food poisoning outbreaks on a day to day basis yet are preventable. A decent portion of the world has suffered from a foodborne illness and it is nowhere near something I personally would ever like to endure again in the future. I believe the consumer and company are both responsible but the company more so. A lot of companies argue that the victim is always to blame because he or she did not cook it correctly. In order to prevent a foodborne illness according to the CDC, “A consumer should cook to the right temperature, wash hands and surfaces frequently, refrigerate promptly, and don’t cross contaminate.” But I do believe there is a whole lot more to the story when it comes apparent that a foodborne illness has been present in such meat. Adulteration is a food product that fails to meet federal government or state standards and is illegal if a company does sell it. In addition, companies who sell …

KayleeLawsuits, Victims, & Food Safety… What is at stake when consuming?
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Coca-Cola’s strides for Sustainability

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Not too long ago I went on a fall break trip with the food science club to Colorado. During our time there we visited many different industries. One place we toured was MillerCoors. They had quite the sustainability program in place. However, I noticed Leo already wrote about MillerCoors, so I decided to write about a different company who specializes in beverages as well. I chose to pursue Coca-Cola because they have a strong sustainability program in place and have many plans for the future. Coca-Cola is very keen about their water usage. They want to continue to reduce the amount of water that they use. Since 2004, they have reduced their water usage per liter by 27%. In addition to their water usage, for every drop they use, they give one back. Coca-Cola directly gives back to nature and over 2,000 communities throughout 71 countries. In addition to giving back, they also have many different programs intact such as providing safe water, restoring forests, providing safe water in Africa, and many more. Furthermore, Coca-Cola is making drastic strides to …

KayleeCoca-Cola’s strides for Sustainability
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The Impact of Food Allergens

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This is a brief article describing how a company by the name of Before Brands, run by billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, is giving children allergens at a young age to prevent them from developing an allergy in the future. The author uses the example, if kids are not exposed or introduced to bananas at a young age, those children run the risk of developing a banana allergy when they are older. There was research conducted from a woman by the name of Kari Nadeau, researcher for Center for Allergy and Asthma Research, who studies how genetics and the environment play a role in allergies. She describes how hygienics are valid in this conduction, and how it is a factor early in life. The company is planning to introduce products which reflect this study in kids’ diets starting around 6 months of age, which is around the age when children begin to eat solid foods. The author goes on to explain why Bertarelli, a member of the company biotech, is supporting the fact of using science-based supplements instead of regular medicines to help …

KayleeThe Impact of Food Allergens
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Don’t Blink – There’s an Epidemic

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Obesity is a rising epidemic that most of the United States as well as other countries have been facing for decades. Now I want you all to look at yourself and think whether or not you fit the qualifications of being obese. Some of you may, some of you may not. But you are all probably wondering how can we can fix this problem? I propose that we start incorporating a tax on unhealthy foods. I believe it would be most beneficial because it will encourage people to pick a healthy alternate instead of spending their hard earned money for the unhealthy option. Living an unhealthy lifestyle will continue to be passed on to generation after generation unless we do something about it. Pop, junk food, and fast food are some of the most highly consumed drinks/foods. Everyday people consume more and more of these foods. I propose an idea based upon incentive. When I took classes at Southeast Community College, they had an incentive program. For every thirty minutes you worked out at their gym, you would get 5 …

KayleeDon’t Blink – There’s an Epidemic
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Obese America- Where it all starts

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Thinking back, the most memorable childhood memories took place at McDonald’s Play Land. My mother would take me each day after school to purchase a dollar menu item. She was on a budget. I was that kid who ate food based upon how good it tasted. As a child, McDonald’s chicken nuggets were my go to. This unhealthy lifestyle started very young. Nevertheless, my mother worked very hard in order to provide for me. Growing up my mother suffered from breast cancer and heart failure. This effected my food choices immensely. For example, my mother was always working or at the hospital. With her being absent, my siblings and I had to cook for ourselves. In general, I was never forced to eat my vegetables or eat healthy. These circumstances have shaped how I eat now. Currently, I do what I was familiar with as a child and go through drive thru most days because I know it is quick and inexpensive. Unfortunately, these food choices are unsupportive to my health. Throughout grade school, I was overweight and considered myself …

KayleeObese America- Where it all starts