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Can The United States Halve its Food Waste by 2030?

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A recent food related article I found on was an article by Gina Marie Cheeseman. Her article set out to explain if the United States could Halve its food waste by 2030. The article begins with a statistic stating that about 40 percent of all food grown in the country is wasted. The United States spends near $218 billion growing, processing, and transporting food to be thrown away. That accumulates to a total of 52.4 million tons of food wasted and sent to landfills every year. This is a problem because millions around america and around the world are suffering and lacking a steady supply of food. The waste of food is has economical, environmental, and social consequences. There are many ways to reduces the waste of food and consumers can play a factor in that cause. Nearly 40 percent of food wasted comes from the consumers themselves. One way consumers can reduce food waste is by creating a shopping list and buying on necessary groceries. Another tip would be to not throw out food based on expiration dates …

KhalifaCan The United States Halve its Food Waste by 2030?
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Clear Canape

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Molecular Gastronomy is the new and innovative dining experience of our century. It takes a mixture of physics and chemistry to transform the texture and flavor of food into something unique. There are many possibilities that chef’s can dish up with their creative minds. What I most enjoy about molecular gastronomy is the artistic dish presentation. These chefs present the food in such creative ways that make you not want to eat it but just gaze at its beauty. One recipe I found while researching for molecular gastronomy recipes is the Clear Canape – Asparagus, Miso Foam, Malt Crumble by a molecular gastronomy chef named Ferran Adria. Before his dish, the crepe was the thinnest edible film. However, Adria has come up with a film that is more thin and it is also clear, the clear canapes. Instead of using bread, toast or puff pastries, Chef Adria uses the thin edible film disk as the clear canape base. All of the ingredients are placed in the middle of the film to give it a U shape similar to a taco. …

KhalifaClear Canape
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Why GMO Labelings

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After years of debating Congress has passed a law that makes it mandatory to inform consumers about genetically modified organism in their products. A genetically modified organism or GMO is a plant or meat product that has its DNA artificially altered in a laboratory by genes from other plants, animals, viruses, or bacteria, in order to produce foreign compounds in the food( Over the years many consumers have been trying to avoid them. One of the reasons the law passed was because genetically modified foods pose a risk to the health of others and the environment around us. Also it is not right, consumers should be allowed to know what they are purchasing and putting into their bodies. I agree with the companies who go for mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. I agree because it is not right for these companies to hide certain information from us, the consumers. We should be allowed to know how their products are made and the process they go through because in the end, they need the consumers to purchase their products. If …

KhalifaWhy GMO Labelings
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Fast Food/Junk Food

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America is one of the leading countries in obesity around the world. The consumption of fast food and junk food causes any individual  to sustain lack of energy and motivation to do anything active. One of the many reasons people are attracted to these types of food is because of the advertisement they watch on their television or view on social media. These advertisements alter the appearance of the food in their commercials to make it look irresistible and appealing. In a way it forces you to think, you have to have it. However, many of these consumers do not realize the amount of sugar that goes into the soft drinks and the amount of calories in the fast food. There’s quite a number of people who have come to the realization that fast food and junk food needs to be removed from their diet and they need to live a clean lifestyle with healthy eating. However, there are not enough people who have been able to eat healthy. One way to encourage and promote healthy eating is by raising …

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You are what you eat

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  As a child I grew up in an environment where my ethnic background determined what I ate. In Sudan, the country I grew up in, we mostly ate food that had a lot of carbohydrates because in my culture we ate bread with every meal. We also ate a lot of meat and vegetable, however most of the people in my surrounding such as family and friends were muslim, so we didn’t eat pork. While in Sudan I never heard or tasted fast food until I moved to the United States. My first nutritious meal ironically was Mcdonald’s. The taste was very satisfying but soon I began to see the effects of fast food such as the lack of energy, but as I child I couldn’t care less so I continued to eat Mcdonalds and other fast foods. Being a child I had a high metabolism so I was experiencing the effects of eating fast food such as weight gain. I could eat as much as I wanted and not gain a single pound. Entering middle school I participated …

KhalifaYou are what you eat