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A Game of Clue: Food Safety Edition

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In any consumer-producer situation, whether it be meat, vegetables, fruit or starch, both parties are required to have a certain level of responsibility. This kind of question seems kind of redundant in a way, however it is important to address it. The blame for any food safety issue, and all responsibility in general is slightly dependent upon the cycle that the transfer of food follows. When the food is in the producer’s hands, it is obviously 100 percent their responsibility. They are required to ensure that the process that they follow is safe and I’d like to think that all meat manufacturers comply with those very measures. They need to make sure that when they are working with and producing meat, it needs to be done safely and following appropriate procedure in order to provide the safest food possible to consumers. However, there is only so much that a producer can do. Certain things are outside of their power.  They cannot be certain that there is not a harmful pathogen in the meat that they prepare and sell. On the other …

LaurenA Game of Clue: Food Safety Edition
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Say Yes To Probiotics

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I feel like a consensus on this decision will never arise. On one hand, it’s obviously important to ensure that a drug you are offering to people is safe. On the other hand, if you are refusing to give a drug to people that could very well ease the issues surrounding a disease or condition, that’s obviously hindering for a lot of individuals. It’s reassuring that there is such high standards for probiotics and prebiotics, however I don’t think it’s the right way to go about protecting the health of their citizens. On a personal note, I take a probiotic for health reasons. It has helped tremendously and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. My doctor suggested it after I have struggled with various issues for several years. I hate to think that if there were health claims previously, that I would’ve avoided some of the health issues I face on a daily basis. I think that there are enough studies that have been done with probiotics and prebiotics that health practitioners everywhere should be convinced that they are effective and …

LaurenSay Yes To Probiotics
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To Label or Not to Label

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GMO labeling is an issue that I am very indifferent about. While I believe it is important for consumers to know what is in their food, I also know that GM foods are not something consumers need to be concerned with so I don’t see the importance of clarifying that a food is GM or not. Research has been done over and over again and the results are always the same, GMOs are not harmful to human health. I think what the new labeling requirements will do is create better transparency between agriculturalists and consumers. However, one of the major criticisms of this law is that the label will not actually be a label. It will be a code that shoppers can scan in the store and see how their food was grown. This means that those without the capability to scan with a smart phone, will not be able to determine how their food was made. Meaning that the argument could be made that lower class individuals are being kept out of the mix and they’re just out of …

LaurenTo Label or Not to Label
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Learn, Educate, Save

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According to the Office of the Surgeon General, nearly 300,000 deaths every year are attributable to obesity. That is 300,000 lives that potentially could have been saved or at least extended to further years. Last year, the Surgeon General launched a video that announced an event, #StepItUp. This particular video within the campaign focused on health and what members of a community can do in order to improve the diseases that are linked with obesity. This video encouraged individuals to choose walking as their primary form of transportation when going to school, work or going to the store. This is a program that I would similarly create if I were in the Surgeon General’s shoes. This is an effective way to get the word out about what is happening with obesity and the U.S. while showing them what they can do to help the epidemic. I’d make programs within communities so that low-income families have the ability to visit a dietitian and set up a workout plan through a gym that is in their community at a low cost. If making the …

LaurenLearn, Educate, Save
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Mom And Dad Were Right. What A Surprise.

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  Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs. A safe, kid-friendly meal. Like all other kids from age five to eight, that was my favorite meal. I’m surprised my babysitter didn’t resign from having to cook the same food over and over day after day. Other foods I’d list on my “about me” elementary school worksheets were Special K, SpaghettiOs and cheeseburgers. Nowhere on the list read the word “vegetables.” I was a strict non-vegetable eater. I know what you’re thinking, “Lauren, no kid likes vegetables.” Up until my junior year of high school, I still failed to reach for the asparagus or green peppers when they were sitting at the kitchen table. I never, ever voluntarily ate anything green or leafy. Boy, did that frustrate my parents. They were lucky enough to find that I would eat canned whole green beans and canned carrots though so that was something! Other than that, fruits, grains and meats were my main source of calorie intake. That little portion on the once then food pyramid. My freshman year of college was the first …

LaurenMom And Dad Were Right. What A Surprise.