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Our Future is Found in the Ways of the Past

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Madison0 Comments

Executive Summary With the obesity epidemic on the rise, it has become crucial to the future of the United States that action be taken in order to fend off this slow and silent killer. Obesity has many factors, but the main causes are eating too much and not exercising enough. The most efficient way to fight obesity in this country is outlined in the following three-step plan. Step 1: Make food taste bad. As Americans, we love to indulge ourselves with delicious food. More often than not, this food is incredibly unhealthy: rich in calories and simple carbohydrates. I admit that sometimes when I find a meal absolutely delicious I eat it to the point of being uncomfortable because I hate to leave good food on a plate. I know that I am not alone in this mentality. In order to eliminate the indulgence culture in this country, making food taste bad is necessary. If all food tasted bad, citizens of this country would view food simply as a fuel, not a fun experience. However, the food would be less …

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So Much More Than Food

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To me, food has always meant more to me than simply sustenance. It has been there for me to celebrate the good and reconcile the bad. Food has provided me the setting to make many memories. It was the opportunity to use my imagination, grow in my friendships with others, and share experiences I will never forget. As a kid in a rural town, food was the only activity I consistently had growing up. Sure, I played outside and watched TV, but mealtimes were a time that I could use my imagination with something more interactive. I remember my Mom making Kraft Mac ’n Cheese for my sister, Rylie, and I most days for lunch. Rylie and I would sit next to each other at the table, pretending we were at a campfire. We pushed noodles lengthwise onto the tines of our forks and sang campfire songs while “roasting” our “hotdogs” (noodles) over the roaring bonfire contained in the mac ‘n cheese pot. When I got inevitably older, food became less of a toy and more of a social interaction. …