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Communication skill–why important?

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In the modern era, successful researchers are no longer just rely on hard working but building more connection with others. As a food science student, Since food science is a major that has highly relative relationship with the public health, we will need to stand up and express our work and opinions now and then, as well as answer people’s questions. It is important that we illustrate our ideas or results in a more straight-forward method. Without such skills, the general public might be disappointed or misunderstanding about our opinions since it is not easy to understand we. When we are the audience in a seminar, it is also necessary to listen and think about what presenter is talking about and to point out our questions. Good communication skill can let us understand people’s words and exchange our ideas with them. Besides, It is crucial to let people understand what is food science since it is a kindly new principal. People often think that food science is studying nutrition. Thus, we need communication skill to explain to people what food …

QiyueCommunication skill–why important?
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Who is responsible?

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          According to CDC survey, about 50 million people went to the hospital for foodborne illness. It means there are one-sixth people who had counted food safety issue. Do you feel shocked when you see the data? Maybe not because food safety issue already become a big concerned in the whole world. People start to put their doubt to the government and experts: if they can really control the food safety?          In the United Stated, the major food safety issue comes from the American diet. Raw salad is one of traditional food on the table. We all know raw food can are liable to infection because it is not heated, which can kill most bacteria. Other traditional food is meat. Steak is one of the most popular food in the United Stated, and most people will choose medium or medium raw when people cook it. Well done will be the safest way to cook it but I don’t think people like it. The two kinds of raw food are the most likely …

QiyueWho is responsible?
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Should the GMOs be labeled?

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 GMOs are plants or animals are created by changing their genes. Through modifying the genes to recombine DNA, the genetic engineering can choose the traits that the plant or animals have, which are good for anti-insect or grow fast. American is the biggest place of manufacturing GMOs food and they are everywhere so there is not any way that we can total avoid  GMOs food. In the supermarket, the most common GMOs food that people would buy is soy.  Not only soy is very common, but also soy can be made or added to many products. For example, soy sauce, which are Chinese favorite sauce, soy flour,  and protein power and so on. The second common GMOs food is corn. Corn can be used to fuel, to eat, and to feed. Corn products are everywhere—we can find it in oil, flour, or sweeteners. Besides, cotton, canola, and dairy are very common GMOs food. Genetic engineerings produce GMOs plants or animals because they have many advantages that the natural plants or animals are lack of. For example, GM corp yield nine times more than normal corp. It …

QiyueShould the GMOs be labeled?
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Thoughts about organic food

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            A Hy-vee supermarket is very close to my apartment, so I decided to go there to explore some organic food. The first thing that I looked is egg because I really like eggs. I found that the non-organic egg only takes 0.99 for one dozen. However, the organic egg will take 7.89 for one dozen. I was wondering if does the nutrition difference make the prices so tremendous, so I carefully examined the nutrition labels. I found out there were just very small amount different between the two products. Thus, I thought maybe the tastes were different causing the difference in prices so I decided to buy both of them.            The second produce that I brought was whole grain flours because I love baking bread. I picked some flours and wanted to find some organic produces. In the organic section, some have organic labels on them, some did not, but the interesting thing was they all had the word—“organic” on the packages. Before I have FSTD280 class, I might think they are all …

QiyueThoughts about organic food
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we are what we eat

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As a young adult, I think I eat very clear, healthy food most of the time. I go to grocery store to buy fresh food three times per week, and I don’t like processed food because it often contains a lot of calories. Most of my friends said that I lived like their grandmothers. Actually, I pretty like my diet-style because it makes me feel good and energetic. However, when I was a child, about ten years ago, I really like junk food. At that time, franchise chain restaurants just reached China. McDonald’s and KFC were considered as a “fashion food”, so every child likes to go there to eat and to play. I liked fried chicken wings, fried potatoes and Coca Cola. I think I did not pay much attention to what I ate. Besides, I just ate what my parent gave me. Usually, what I needed to do was finished whatever they put into my dishes. I have never been a picked kid because I almost like every food! I started to eat health after the first year when I went to college. My college is …

Qiyuewe are what we eat