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Consumers V.S Producers

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Both producers and consumers should have fairly equal responsibility for food safety when it comes to preparing meat. Producers should be responsible to make sure their meat products are safe prior to placing them on the shelves for consumers to buy. If the producer makes certain that the equipment is clean, that the workers are doing everything they can to keep everything from being contaminated, and completes the proper testing prior so shipping off their product, the risk of a consumer getting ill from their food will significantly be reduced. But in my opinion besides keeping proper sanitation in the plants and following proper safety procedures and completing the necessary tests, the rest of the responsibility for keeping foods such and beef, pork, or chicken safe is given to the consumer upon purchase. Once the products are on the shelves, there are still many possible ways in which meat products can grow unwanted bacteria. But there are precautions that the consumer can and should take when they purchase meat products at the store. Meat needs to be kept at a …

RebeccaConsumers V.S Producers
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Why Force Companies to Label GMO?

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The issue on whether or not GM foods should be labeled is truly a difficult controversy. For the most part I would consider myself a supporter of GM labeling. In my opinion, there are still some GM foods that I would eat even if they were labeled (ex/ chips, corn, and maybe even some fruits and veggies); the issue for me mainly is I enjoy knowing exactly what I am eating. If there were eel DNA in my salmon I would prefer to know about it. Besides cross breading animals to create genetically modified foods, some foods are modified using chemicals, to make them bigger, stronger, or resistant, that may not be entirely good for your general health. These are the products I would like to know about and stay away from. I don’t necessarily think all genetically modified foods are less healthy, but if you know what you are getting when you buy the product it is also easier to be more health conscious. A small reason behind my support is the leeway our country has on food labeling. …

RebeccaWhy Force Companies to Label GMO?
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Food Allergies and Early Exposure

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The article, Heads Up, talks about different food allergies among young children, and more specifically it focuses on the affect of early introduction to common food allergens. The study was done in the UK, and consisted of 1,303 babies; all breast fed by their mothers. Half of the babies were exposed to common food allergens early, at the age of 3 months old. The remainders of the babies were exposed at the standard age, 6 months old. The foods that were given to the children consisted of the top food allergens: “peanuts, cooked egg, cow’s milk, sesame, whitefish, and wheat” (Mellis, 850). The study has discovered that introducing your child to these allergens early (at 3 months) did not significantly reduce the rate of proven food allergy in children between the ages of 1-3 years. On the contrary, evidence was found that “there was a difference on the per-protocol analysis however, and specifically for peanut and egg” (850). The difference found was 2.5% of children who were introduced early evolved a food allergy, and 7.3% of those not exposed early …

RebeccaFood Allergies and Early Exposure
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Thoughts on Eating Organic?

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I was wandering the isles of Whole Foods Market just like I do every time, or almost every time, I go shopping. I would consider myself a frequent Whole Foods Market shopper; though for the first time I actually paid attention to my surroundings and made observations as I purchased my usual grocery list. Out of habit, from how I was raised, I am usually drawn towards the organic labeled foods. Naturally, having a big sticker on the front of something that said “all natural” or “organic” just makes the product feel healthier. This is what I have always thought, but I have been doing my research and there are some foods that don’t need to be organic to be healthy. For example, as we learned in class, tortilla chips. It is actually usually not possible for tortilla chips to be 100% organic anyway due to how they are made…salt can never be organic. So why spend the extra fortune on certified organic chips? As I walked through the store I actually had fun (which seems weird to say; who …

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You are What you Eat

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If you are what you eat, then why put unknown, chemical filled foods in your body? It has become a not only a choice, but a hobby for me to find healthy and appetizing foods to satisfy my body’s needs. Since as long as I can remember eating organic, chemical free, and unprocessed foods has been apart of my life on a daily basis. My parents only shopped at grocery stores that most of my friends had not even heard of at a young age. They find a healthy diet very important and until the past few years I never understood why. As a result of this parenting choice, my two sisters and I have been used to thinking about what food is made out of, whether we would like to or not. Having sports and education be such an important part of my life throughout high school and now college has also altered the way I chose my diet. Being determined to succeed in such activities I learned that eating healthy does make a difference. Watching what I put …

RebeccaYou are What you Eat