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We are Both Responsible

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Having beef, pork, and chicken providers produce products that are completely micro biologically safe has been a topic that has. Recently been brought up.  Personally, I believe that it’s the producer’s job to defend consumers from buying products that obtain bacteria that us consumers are not able to kill through proper cooking methods such as Clostridium botulinum. It’s the consumers job to handle meat products with a safe manner and to cook these products adequately. Producers can only make products that are somewhat micro-biologically safe. For instance, if they made turkey with  no traces of salmonella, turkeys would be extremely expensive and would not be present in stores. This is due to the fact that making products like this would cost way too much money and time to make. This would then make these products too expensive for consumers resulting in producers not selling as much products. Not only would it be too expensive for consumers to purchase products like this, we as consumers have tools to kill these bacteria such as salmonella. Most homes that cook turkey or other …

ShaneWe are Both Responsible
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Is the Bar too High?

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There have been multiple beneficial health claims dealing with probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics have been seen to help issues such as: irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and many other issues. Prebiotics have been seen to help increase calcium and magnesium absorption, enhance and strengthen the immune system, and many other benefits as well. Even though these health claims are present, they have not been approved by the US or Europe. Due to the fact that regulatory agencies expect a high level of evidence resulting in them not being convinced. I personally believe that we should keep these high criteria for gut health. One reason for this is that these claims might not work for everyone. What if these health benefits only affect a certain population of people. Stating these claims could lead others astray resulting in them believing that they are putting something good into their body but in reality, is doing nothing. Having these high levels of evidence makes sure that this situation doesn’t happen and that people are eating products that truly are beneficial for them. Another reason …

ShaneIs the Bar too High?
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Should we Label GM Foods?

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The food industry has been genetically modifying foods for as long as we know. Scientist have been breeding plants with the most desirable traits making it possible to feed the entire country. Today, based on Scientific American, around 70 percent of processed foods contain GM ingredients (Editors, 2013). These GM ingredients are used to help protect plants from drought and other harmful events. Without this genetic modifications, it would be extremely more difficult to feed our country today. Having GMO food products is very important and I’m against for mandatory labeling for GM foods. One reason that I’m against GM foods labeling is that it would eventually limit consumer options. Consumers would see GMO labels and avoid these products due to the general public not fully understanding what GM products are and how they are completely safe to eat. This would make companies have GM-free products resulting in GM food products being nonexistent in stores. Not only would GM foods be eradicated from stores, The prices of foods would increase as well. The increase of food prices is due to farmers …

ShaneShould we Label GM Foods?
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My Adventure to Walmart

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Shane1 Comment

When traveling to Walmart to buy a binder for my newly purchased student’s solution manual. I decided that it would be a good time to look at the organics section and purchase some produce. So when looking at the produce section, I saw only a small section of organic products. When talking to an employer, he stated that this is the only organic section for the produce aisle but other products will have organic products mixed in down the aisle with non-organic products. This idea I didn’t really understand. Due to the increase of organic food purchases,  I would assume supermarkets would want to try to make these products easier to find. Personally, I dread shopping due to how long it takes me to buy foods that are not organic. But when trying to just buy organic foods that are mixed in with a majority of non-organic foods, this could possibly take me longer to find the products I desire. This experience could be avoided altogether if I did go to another supermarket such as Whole Foods. Not only do …

ShaneMy Adventure to Walmart
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The Food Lover

In # 1: You are what you eat by Shane1 Comment

Hey! I’m Shane and I’m a really big fan of chocolate well… I’m a really big fan of food in general. As a little child, I was never really picky about what I ate. I ate everything from carrots to squid. Having this laissez-faire idea of food shaped the person I am today. This idea literally decided my major in college and hopefully what I will do in the future. Not only has this laissez-faire idea on food pushed me to food science but the idea of eating as a family has also helped me enjoy the aspect of food. When we look at food, most people see just food, but they never realize the act of eating. Eating has been a big part of my family and has stuck with me till this day. When I was little, my mom stressed the idea of having dinner as a family. This sprouted multiple funny stories, funny comments, and ingrained life-long memories that I will never forget due to just eating. This soon evolved into family vacations planned around eating foods …

ShaneThe Food Lover