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Letter to the Editor

In # 8: Food safety: who is responsible? by Sydney1 Comment

Dear Editor, Every year food outbreaks occur. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are 250 identified foodborne diseases and that list is still growing. The CDC estimates 48 million people get sick due to foodborne illnesses, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die each year. So, why is food safety underfunded and who is responsible for this? This is a question by many researchers and it needs to be addressed. The current budget is $25-30 million, which isn’t near enough. The problem with the FDA is that it is so underfunded and there aren’t enough people there to actually monitor at the kind of level that we really need to to understand what’s in our food (Firger 2015). The USDA needs to come up with a way to put more money into food safety research. Food safety is a major concern for people around the world, specifically in the United States. Due to reoccurring outbreaks, distrust has occurred between many Americans and their food producers. Stop Foodborne Illness is a nonprofit organization that dedicates its time to …

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Help Support the Probiotics and Prebiotics

In # 7: Gut health by Sydney0 Comments

The FDA says there has to be a standard for probiotics and prebiotics to be a health claim, though it’s unattainable. Acccording to the FDA evidence supporting the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics is not sufficient enough to have these products approved. There are thousands of microbiota that live in your gut, which are affected by your diet. Some microbiota are healthy, others are not. These microbiota are proven to be associated with body weight, including obesity. What if you were told there was a possible solution to help you have more good microbes than bad? These microbes would help you maintain a healthy body weight and increased metabolism. Addition of probiotics and prebiotics to your diet could do just that for you. Evidence supports the use of these supplements to help improve gut microbiota, which is a known factor in bodyweight. Just as a diet works, you can’t just take the supplement pills and see improvements, and the supplement pills are not guaranteed for everyone. The same goes for the use of probiotics and prebiotics. Your diet will always …

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A New Cure

In # 4: Food allergens in the news by Sydney4 Comments

A recent study shows that researchers may have found the exact cells that cause certain allergies. Now, since this group of cells are now made known, scientists may be able to come up with a way to block these cells, which in response would block your allergies. This group of cells are known as the TH2 cells. Scientists do have a treatment for peanut allergies which basically forces your body to become immune to the allergen by exposing your body to increased amounts of that specific allergen which in result helps the tolerance of the allergy. According to this article “We saw a dramatic decrease in TH2A cells after the success of the treatment,” stated by cell biologist Erik Wambre. Scientists are still researching new ways to stop the development of these cells in order to help allergy patients. This article came of interest to me because I’ve witnessed my sister dealing with awful allergies during the spring. Her allergies aren’t food related but this study is geared to help all allergies that caused by the TH2 cells. In witnessing …

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Natural Marshmallows

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Sydney1 Comment

Did you know there’s such thing as natural marshmallows? Neither did I, though whether “natural” means anything or not, Dandies Natural marshmallows are sold for twice the amount of a typical Kraft marshmallow package. It’s crazy to think just because of one little label, that is really bogus, it can double the price of something. I made a visit to Natural Grocers on 48th street and was overwhelmed by the herbal smell upon entering the building. At that point I wondered to myself, is this a selling point for them? Make the store smell natural and herbal so the customers believe more in these products? The produce area is also an area where they can stick an organic sticker on the products and raise the price by $2/lb, which in my mind is not worth it. Though, if I was not educated about the truths of organic v.s. non-organic I would probably believe in it too. Organic is a label that makes these products stand out. It’s something different and that’s why I think customers are drawn in. Don’t get …

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A Little New Will Never Hurt You

In # 1: You are what you eat by Sydney2 Comments

I was raised in a rural town were my family’s operation was – a feedyard. Growing up on a farm/feedyard in rural Nebraska has really shaped me into the person I am today, and most definitely shaped my eating habits. Needless to say, I was raised on hamburger and steaks. It was a lifestyle where vegetarian was not an option. It was meat and potatoes. I was a child that was not fond of anything green, especially peas. You could say that this is just a picky eater but one thing that was never an option to me was dairy products. Growing up one of my favorite family traditions was our Mt.Oyster feed at the Nightcrawlers bar the end of every march. To this day I still enjoy introducing people to our Bader family “chicken nuggets.” I saw the full circle of this event from the branding, my personal job was tackling the calves. Then came the seasoning and breading of the Mt.Oysters. Then the finale of it all was the feed. It still occurs the end of every March, …