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Food Safety

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Food safety has become a major problem all around the world especially in processed foods that consumers cook at home. I found a old letter from ConAgra Foods in 2001. The article that I found here USDA-ConAgra Foods Inc. states that consumers had an issue where they were getting sick off of processed meals. ConAgra decided to take the initiative and started to make “Ready to eat meals” rather than “Ready to cook meals”. Meaning that, before the meat or poultry is packaged and shipped off to a distributor, they cooked the meat and poultry until there was no doubt there were not any pathogens present that could have an effect on the consumer, whether they under cook it or not. In my own opinion, I think that the consumer is at fault in this situation for the most part. If the meat or poultry is not microbiologically safe, the consumer is supposed to cook their meals thoroughly and if done correctly, they would cook all of the bad pathogens out of their meal entirely and would prevent themselves from getting sick. …

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What Sustainability Programs Does PEPSICO have in place?

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Sustainability programs have become an extremely important topic within the last few years. PepsiCo announced an environmental sustainability program back in 2010. Their goal was to initially, save money, reduce its water per unit of production by 23 percent, and reduce the amount of their waste that reached landfills. These were their three starting goals that they wanted to accomplish by jump starting a sustainability program. Plenty more came afterwards. In 2006, they wanted to reduce water use per unit of production by 23 percent over a long period of time. By 2015 they have already reduced it by 20 percent. So far this has saved them approximately $17 million. By 2014, 93% of the was stopped from reaching landfills because 90% of the waste was recycled and reused. PepsiCo wants to be as healthy as a sugary filled drink can be, by working hard to achieve one of their biggest goals in reducing sodium, added sugars and saturated fats in its foods and beverages. They say that 50 percent of their key countries have the reduction of saturated fats …

TannerWhat Sustainability Programs Does PEPSICO have in place?
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Allergenic Diets At A Young Age May Not Prevent Food Allergies

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The article that I have researched online, can be found at The Journal Of The American Medical Association I felt that this was very interesting because I know that there are other cases that scientists are researching that states that an allergenic diet at an early age could prevent food allergies. Basically this article states that this could be possible when treating a peanut allergy. It could greatly reduce in infants if they are exposed to it, but it doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to multiple other allergenic food items.   It is a shame if this can not be solved at a young age, because the price for medications such as epinephrine has increased greatly the last few years and because some allergies can be fatal. I have two friends with a peanut allergy that is extremely dangerous if they were to consume anything containing peanuts. Every time me and those friends go to the store to get groceries, they have to study each item they pick up to see if they contain any peanuts, and you …

TannerAllergenic Diets At A Young Age May Not Prevent Food Allergies
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Ending Obesity In America

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The obesity-food issue is still one of the biggest problems this country faces to this day. No surprise here. I understand that the majority of people might actually enjoy a home cooked meal from time to time, but there is something about fast food and sugary filled drinks that the people just can’t resist. Fast food is fast and easy after a long day and you don’t want to make an actual dinner at home and sugary soft drinks not only taste good but have the factor to give you energy when you might need it. If I ever was given the opportunity to be a part of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Food and Health, there are multiple steps that I would take to try and improve and change the obesity-food issue. I would agree with one of the examples used for the assignment and that is adding tax to junk foods. I believe that if you make unhealthy foods more expensive then the healthier foods. You can go to a fast food restaurant and they want you to …

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You Are What You Eat

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Growing up as a normal Nebraska kid, I was a huge fan of steaks, burgers, potatoes and corn on the cob. I was not the biggest fan of vegetables. I especially not a fan at all of green beans and broccoli. I was constantly being harassed to eat my “greens”, that’s what my mother always called them. It got to the point where I would sit at the table for a really long time, until my parents would leave the room to go grab or do something really quick, then I would make a run for the sink and put my vegetbales down the drain so that my mom and dad would think that I really ate them when I didn’t. It only worked the first couple of times and then my dad, caught me in the act and forced me to eat every bit of my green beans. It’s funny to me that food like green beans and broccoli were something that I had to be forced to eat through my younger years, are some of my favorite vegetables …

TannerYou Are What You Eat