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Edible River Stones

In # 9: Molecular Gastronomy by Tyler0 Comments

Over time Molecular Gastronomy and recipes involving the method have gained much deserved popularity and attention. The idea of being able to use knowledge in food chemistry to observe and change the physical and chemical processes found in many known ingredients is an interesting topic that more people should know about. The use of such creativity to come up with such interesting and fun recipes leaves some people to call it an art and I would say I agree with that statement. When you try such recipes it’s not the same as trying just any new food. It’s a whole new dining experience. The look, taste, and texture of these foods will leave you in amazement because the possibilities are endless. One recipe that really caught my eye went by the title of edible river stones. If that title alone doesn’t get you interested or even a little bit curious I don’t know what will. These edible river stones were originally created by a chef by the name of Andoni Luis Aduriz who uses the idea of “culinary trompe” in …

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How much is food safety worth?

In # 8: Food safety: who is responsible? by Tyler0 Comments

Dear Editor, under the circumstances we currently live in today people are becoming ill or even dying do to the unsafety of food and the negligence of necessary precautions we should be taking to fix these issues and assure they never happen. Food safety is becoming a major issue in the US and if we want to improve the situation we currently live in, we must pay more attention to food safety and find ways to solve the matter. These precautions and solutions we need to implement require funds. Funds that aren’t currently available. If we want to make a change the budget must be increased. According to the CDC over 48 million people become ill from foodborne illnesses, 128,000 become hospitalized, and around 3000 die every year. These kind of numbers are dangerously high and if we choice to expand the budget for USDA research these numbers can be lowered in time. If we choose to continue to ignore the situation these numbers will continue to rise and the problems will only worsen over time. The fact that companies …

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The bar should be lowered

In # 7: Gut health by Tyler0 Comments

With more information and more discoveries about health coming to light everyday more issues arise. One of those major issues associated with gut health and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics is the regulations of labelling products with such claims. Labeling has been an issue for some time now, that’s nothing new. Companies have been told what they can and can’t put on their products since I’ve at least been alive. I believe these guidelines and regulations are necessary but also at the same time need to be more relaxed. I feel the bar is set way too high. There are a lot of products out there that do have solid evidence that backs these claims that pro and prebiotics in some way benefit you. Regardless of this evidence these companies are still struggling to get the right to label their products with such claims. They should be able to present the benefits of their product if there is scientific evidence claiming such things. Numerous people benefit from such foods and companies should be able to tell consumers about those …

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Organic deception

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Tyler1 Comment

Luckily I needed to go grocery shopping for a few things so this assignment lined up perfectly. I chose to go to the Trader Joes on Pine Lake street in the South point mall because my mom does a lot of her shopping there and it’s basically on my way home from work. When I walked in everything seemed and looked just like a normal grocery store would for the most part. After walking up and down the isles I observed many differences in the way things were packaged. I noticed everything seemed more brightly and more colorfully packaged. The store itself after exploring more, had a way different vibe to it than your typical supersaver or Hy-Vee experience. Things looked the part of organic. You could really start to tell you were in an organic market opposed to a regular grocery store. It had a nature kind of theme to it which really got you in the mood to eat organic and healthy. It was really smart advertising when you think about it. Each package read something like 100% …

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Family Time

In # 1: You are what you eat by Tyler1 Comment

For me, food has always been about the enjoyment of the act itself. Eating some of my favorite foods is a big part of my life. As a human we obviously need food to survive so why would we not enjoy every second of it right? I’ve always loved the idea of trying new foods and experiencing different cultures through food. Food is one thing in this world everybody can peacefully relate to for the most part. We all need it to survive and whether you enjoy every food in the world or hate almost everything you’re guaranteed to find at least one food from each culture that you’ll love because mostly all the most popular foods Americans eat today originate from other countries. I’d say personally, food has impacted my life in more positive ways than negative. Of course not everything I eat is going to be good for me and some foods can really hurt my health in numerous ways in the long run. But for the most part I can say food has brought positive change into …