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Consumer also have responsible for cooking meats

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Meat is most common food people eat everyday, so the safety for it is also important. The manufacturers have major responsible for meat products quality assurance. However, that doesn’t represent manufactures have all of the responsible. In my opinion, consumers should have product more thoroughly. Although the supplier will process the meat, pork, and chicken in the most safety way, the raw meat might unexpected thing happened when consumer store the food. Microorganism are living things they might get on the meat and start to eat it or stay on it. So consumer need to be more careful when they cooked food. After consumer buy the meat and bring it to home, normally they have three ways to process the meat. One is cook the meat immediately, or store the food in the refrigerator, or just put the meat in the room temperature. The first method to ensure the meat is safety to eat. Second one also be fine but it have some risks, which the meat might get some harmful microorganism in the refrigerator. The last way is most dangerous …

YijunConsumer also have responsible for cooking meats
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McDonald’s Sustainability Program

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In McDonald beef and coffee are two major material for making the food product, so they started to focus on the sustainability of these two food. Then they start the sustainability program and make a website for sustainability. In the website, there are two articles talking about the sustainable beef and coffee. They briefly talk about the the way to achieve the program, such as purchased the sustainable source and how they went to stop waste the product during working. They also mention the importance for use the sustainability source and reduce the waste for the product. For the sustainable beef, McDonald chose to purchase part of their beef form sustainable sources. Also they started to have a new program for finding more ways to have sustainability beef. They  let the beef suppliers, abattoirs, and patty processors use a variety place form world and use diverse types of cattle to make the products, not just own a cattle farms. In addition, they talk about the advantage and the importance for use sustainable  beef. For example, overgrazing might have a negative impact to the …

YijunMcDonald’s Sustainability Program
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New technology of determine allergy is developing

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There are amount of people sent to the hospital because of the allergy. It’s a problem of how to determine the food we eat whether or not have a allergenic potential. I found a science news, which is ‘Food allergies: Allergic to soy‘, talking about use new technology to detect allergenic substances in foods. In the article, it introduce about there have lots of allergenic potential of foods and now we only know a very wide range about it. There is not possible to determine specific allergenicity. They decided to force on allergic to soy first. In the research they found a epitopes in the antibodies in the blood serum in human body. It could identify the allergenic components. Then they use this information to make a new allergy test which just use a drop of blood. For now it still have some problem but it could determine the risk of a soy allergy. The article  not only talk about the research on new allergy test on soy, but also include the information of allergenic foodstuff and the soy proteins. I …

YijunNew technology of determine allergy is developing
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Learn more about organic food by visit the market

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Nowadays, more and more people started to focus on a health diet. That means people also pay more attention to the food they eat. How the food made, where is it come from, and how it grew. In the past few years most of farmer use pesticides when the food growing. The most serious pesticide case is DDT and it let people know that pesticides might harmful to human. After that some farmers began to study on make organic foods. In recent years, organic foods are started to show up in the market and more news reported the benefit of eating organic food. That is necessary to learn some knowledge about the organic food for helping us chose which food we are going to buy. Last weekend, I went to the whole food. I spent time to observed the organic foods there. In whole food almost half of foods are organic foods and on each products it label as ‘ORGANIC’ on the top and have a green background color. Also on the on-sale area, they also label the location of where …

YijunLearn more about organic food by visit the market
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What We Eat Depend on Many Reasons

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Food is an important role play in my life and I want to eat everything in the world if I can. First, let’s talk about who I am and what food I eat. I born in China, so that means there will be plenty of difference food from America. In my country, the rice is easy to plant, so people decided to let the rice be the staple food. Because of the environment, we often eat pork and chicken. There do not have enough area to feed the cow in the past, so beef is an expansive cook when I grow up and there are no enough milk. After China communicate with other countries the milk started to be popular, but still some old people can’t accept the milk. That’s why the milk seems not very popular in my country. May be you will be confuse about what we do with such huge are without feed cows. The answer of that is we plant vegetables. In the village, our farmer force on plant vegetables, so when I live in China we always …

YijunWhat We Eat Depend on Many Reasons