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What A Fancy Dessert!

In # 9: Molecular Gastronomy by Zixiang1 Comment

Molecular gastronomy is a newly generated cooking method, which mainly based on understanding the theory of chemical and physical changes as they are cooking the food by using some unique methods. Nowadays, food scientists are interested in it, because they can enhance relevant functional properties of the food, and develop new products by adjusting ingredients and cooking methods, and to deliver health-promoting ingredients, as well as to understand how brain responses to those special foods by studying molecular gastronomy. After I searched on the internet, I found a fancy one that is based on the molecular gastronomy cooking style, which was named “Cigar Smoke Ice Cream”. It is a dessert with a comparatively same shape as a cigar on an ash tray. The dark chocolate cigar is filled with ice cream, which is infused with cigar smoke and served with dipping spices that seems like ashes. This dish was created by a molecular gastronomy Chef named Joan Roca, from Three Michelin Star Restaurant in Girona, Spain. At the time Joan Roca attended an ice cream course, he learned that ice …

ZixiangWhat A Fancy Dessert!
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As we are eating meat

In # 8: Food safety: who is responsible? by ZixiangLeave a Comment

Food quality and safety problems are the most fundamental and essential tasks that all of us are facing today, and they are always closely related to our health and daily lives as well. This is a globalized problem, which not only emerges in developing countries, but also is detected in those industrialized countries. In addition, food problems can occur in meat products, vegetables, ready-to-eat foods, and so on. Moreover, in most cases, those problems are caused by pathogenic microorganisms. From my point of view, the meat producers are doing their best to use suitable methods to prevent the contamination of their products. Some of them scald the carcasses and wash them in acid to prevent the growth of those pathogenic bacteria, and some use steam vacuums to suck away the microorganisms. In addition, those carcasses and meats are being tested by quality inspection departments before they are selling into the market, so there is less possibility that mistakes emerge in all of those two steps; therefore, as consumers are becoming sick as they are eating meat products, they should be responsible …

ZixiangAs we are eating meat
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Not only a fancy Evian, but also a sustainable model

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Nowadays, people are taking more resources from the nature. We use coal, petroleum, and natural gas to generate chemical products and energy. We use timbers to build houses, to assemble fancy furniture. We use land resources to cultivate crops to provide ourselves grains, to feed the livestock, to generate fuels, etc. All of those natural resources are extremely important to our daily lives; especially is the water, which is the necessity through our lifetimes, people need it to maintain their metabolisms, to balance osmotic pressures, to provide cells a suitable environment for them to process chemical reactions, etc. These are the reasons that why we are going to pay highly attention to the topic of sustainability, especially for those huge industries, and developed countries, because we are living on the same earth, we have responsibilities to protect it, and maintain the biodiversity, and we should keep this a suitable environment for our descendants to live in the future. Therefore, more and more industries today are paying highly attention to this mission, and they have generated related plans and policies, as …

ZixiangNot only a fancy Evian, but also a sustainable model
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Why I Against Labeling GM Foods

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Nowadays, genetically modified organisms are everywhere in the market. From crops to animals, from homogeneous to heterogeneous, they are used all over the world, and they are affecting our daily lives more and more extremely than ever before. Therefore, consumers, government, manufacturers, and food scientists are paying highly attention to it, due to its significance, labeling GM products or not becomes a hot topic, and is still controverting up to now. From my own perspective, it is not so necessary to label GM products at this time. It is known to us all, that GMOs are made by using molecular technology to recombinant DNA of those particular organisms for different propose, in most cases are to generate specific characters, and then use them to produce desired products. Moreover, genetically change is not the phenomenon, which can only be processed artificially; however, it can occur naturally in many causes, for example, microorganisms can change their genome by mutations; crops can undergo genetically change after breeding, infection with virus, natural recombination, and so on. In addition, there are many other evidences that …

ZixiangWhy I Against Labeling GM Foods
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Although affected, we should keep a balanced diet

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Food is always one of the most important things in our daily lives, which is also the object that people think the most all day long all night long. Obviously, rare things can affect people’s life three times (actually the average is more than twenty times) a day; therefore, we should pay highly attention to it. It is known to us all; that many factors can affect people’s diet and eating habits, like ethnicities, cultures, religions, etc. I am a Chinese guy, who loves foods deeply, and I am going to illustrate how the foods I eat affect me tremendously. In my childhood, I did not like to eat almost every kind of solid foods; however, I liked soft drinks a lot, especially the pop sodas. Apparently, my parents noticed that it could be very bad to my health, so they threw away all the soft drinks in my field of vision; I had nothing to do at that time, but cried, ate a little amount of healthy foods, and cried. As I was growing up, till I was eight …

ZixiangAlthough affected, we should keep a balanced diet