Beer Allergy

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In our side, some of friends always have allergic symptom to the body after drinking a beer, in addition to some small lump will be born, but also feel itching intolerable. In fact, this is because they are allergic to beer.


In the article about beer allergy, it introduced that nearly 1.2% of adults in the United States are allergic to wheat. It is one of the eight major food allergens. Generally, people who are allergic to wheat are also allergic to barley. In fact, there are two main reasons for beer allergy, the first one is the main component of beer allergy, and second one is alcohol allergy.


For the first reason, there is the content demonstrated in the article that although the main ingredient in beer is water, there are many other ingredients that may cause your symptoms. If you have an allergy, it is likely that you are allergic to a specific ingredient in beer. According to the brand, the ingredients may include malt, barley or other grains, such as wheat and sorghum, yeast, various colouring agents, or condiments and preservatives. Besides that, if you’re allergic to certain cereals, beer won’t be your only problem. When you eat other foods that contain the allergen, you also experience symptoms.


For the second reason, alcohol allergy is actually an external skin allergy symptoms caused by a lack of acetaldehyde converting enzymes in the body. The two necessary conditions for alcohol allergy are allergies and alcohol, which are mostly deficient in acetaldehyde. Alcohol, which is ethanol, is converted into acetaldehyde in the body, because the body is lack of acetaldehyde conversion enzyme, it can no longer be converted to acetic acid and discharged into the body, so it will cause acetaldehyde poisoning, people will behave as a variety of allergic symptoms.


For the allergic symptoms, there are a few patients for the rapid onset of beer allergy, after drinking half an hour , not only appear the body (or local) redness, itching, but also have throat swelling, mouth and lips numbness or burning sensation, gasping, even severe anaphylactic shock, so the patient and family need to pay attention to this serious situation, if not had timely the rescue, it would endanger life, Of course, in most cases,there are more patients that might have later illness onset beer allergy, these patients often have the body (or local) red knots or red spots appear itching in one or two days after drinking, and the symptoms can last for a long time.


In conclusion, if you find yourself allergic to an ingredient, you may still be able to enjoy beer. With some research and careful labeling reading, you may find beer that does not contain a specific allergen. You will also avoid all other products made from this ingredient.



  1. I know of a few people that have to be very careful with reading beer labels and can only drink gluten free beer. One of my friends got hives after drinking beer but it was very strange because it has only happened once. Maybe it was the certain type of beer she was drinking or an ingredient in it.

  2. I don’t have gluten allergy but my body has some reactions when I drink alcohol. I think it might be alcohol allergy but not so sure how to determine that. Just a small amount of alcohol can make my heart rate increase rapidly. It gives me a headache, burning sensation, and hives just as soon as I drink it. Your post gives me hope that I can find a solution to this problem.

  3. I have a friend who is celiac so he has to be very careful about what he eats and drinks, because of this, he needs to hunt down gluten free beer, which is relatively hard to come by and not very tasty I guess.

  4. I do not know anyone that I know of that has celiac disease or that has to only eat gluten-free foods. This would be very difficult for me because grains and starches that contain gluten are a staple in my diet. Many people also enjoy beer, so celiac would not be a huge joy to have.

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