Can We Trust Jim?

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I regularly research information about nutrition optimization and work out plans, so I came across Jim Stoppani a while ago and thought he was very interesting. He is a personal trainer who has his PhD from Yale in cellular and molecular physiology. This would lead me and over a million-other people that follow him to believe his information is accurate and precise.

In the video, I watched called “9 Nutrition Rules for Building Muscle” he discussed his rules to maximize muscle gain for his “Shortcut to Strength” 6-week workout plan. He goes in detail about macronutrients and the amount of each to eat per pound of body weight, how often to eat, specific types of proteins to include, a handful of supplements to optimize uptake of vitamins and other nutrients.

Personally, being a student of science I have taken classes in nutrition and biology so I had a very clear understanding of everything he said. The information was direct and straight to the point. He never really tried to “dumb” anything down. He speaks very clear and direct, a great tactic he uses is reiteration of key points. Repetition is a very effective way to get people to remember things and he would mention everything initially then explain in detail later.

From an average person’s stand point with a basic background in science some or most information would go over their heads. By going into so much detail you could lose your audience simply because they don’t understand and lose interest. But I do believe he appeals strongly to his specific audience because if you are watching his videos it is to gain accurate education about optimizing your nutrition during a detailed workout plan.

In conclusion, Jim Stoppanni Ph.D, is a simple, well-educated, and direct individual who can accurately convey detailed information simply.

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