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The Grace That Shaped My Life

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I was born and raised in an environment in which food was more than just food; it was a paramount entity that consumed, not only my family’s culture, but also our lives. My family carries a polish background, which can describe how substantial food is for our festivities, meaning every time there was a family gathering the dining room table was completely full of an array of polish dishes and anything that could cause a heart attack, probably. However, the peculiar thing about my palate was that I absolutely hated polish food, especially blood sausage. Have you ever heard of a polish that disliked polish food? Neither have I. However, because my family praised food like some deity, I developed an innovative passion for flavor and fusion, hence why I am enrolled in the Food Science and Technology program at University of Nebraska-Lincoln today. There’s a perspective in psychology, called the Environmental Perspective, that’s dedicated to understanding how personalities and personal traits are established through one’s environment. I’m incorporating this concept because I believe it’s substantial in understanding my background …

KaraThe Grace That Shaped My Life
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You are what you eat

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Food is a key component that defines ones culture and family.  Most of my preferences of food came from my childhood, based on food that my parents enjoyed and cooked for my brother and I.  My eating experiences and preferences were a product of how I was raised by my parents. I was born and raised in Lincoln, and went to the same school as my friends my whole life.  I have not been influenced by my peers, mainly because most of my friends have been raised on the same style of food and diet that I was raised on.  Whenever I went to friends’ houses growing up, I would always notice the same thing in their fridges; the amount of milk they drink.  I would notice it because it was always much less than my families.  On average my family of 4 will go through 5 gallons of milk a week, mainly consumed by my father, brother and I. The greatest influence that my family has had on my food preferences was my Grandmother.  She was the daughter of …

LucasYou are what you eat
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You are what you eat

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  As a child I grew up in an environment where my ethnic background determined what I ate. In Sudan, the country I grew up in, we mostly ate food that had a lot of carbohydrates because in my culture we ate bread with every meal. We also ate a lot of meat and vegetable, however most of the people in my surrounding such as family and friends were muslim, so we didn’t eat pork. While in Sudan I never heard or tasted fast food until I moved to the United States. My first nutritious meal ironically was Mcdonald’s. The taste was very satisfying but soon I began to see the effects of fast food such as the lack of energy, but as I child I couldn’t care less so I continued to eat Mcdonalds and other fast foods. Being a child I had a high metabolism so I was experiencing the effects of eating fast food such as weight gain. I could eat as much as I wanted and not gain a single pound. Entering middle school I participated …

KhalifaYou are what you eat
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we are what we eat

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As a young adult, I think I eat very clear, healthy food most of the time. I go to grocery store to buy fresh food three times per week, and I don’t like processed food because it often contains a lot of calories. Most of my friends said that I lived like their grandmothers. Actually, I pretty like my diet-style because it makes me feel good and energetic. However, when I was a child, about ten years ago, I really like junk food. At that time, franchise chain restaurants just reached China. McDonald’s and KFC were considered as a “fashion food”, so every child likes to go there to eat and to play. I liked fried chicken wings, fried potatoes and Coca Cola. I think I did not pay much attention to what I ate. Besides, I just ate what my parent gave me. Usually, what I needed to do was finished whatever they put into my dishes. I have never been a picked kid because I almost like every food! I started to eat health after the first year when I went to college. My college is …

Qiyuewe are what we eat
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21 Years Old and Still Likes Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets

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“Jennifer, why do you still eat like a 5 year old?”  This is the answer I got from my brother after he asked me where I wanted to go out to eat one night.  When he asked, I simply replied “anywhere that has chicken strips” and apparently to him, chicken strips are only for children.  (I must have missed that on the package.) But to be completely honest, I would agree with him and say that my preferences when it comes to food have been similar to that of children.  My favorite foods still include macaroni and cheese, chicken strips, pizza, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, and French fries.  Even when we go to family gatherings and people make food “for kids,” I’ll be that one adult that chooses a Jell-O square over tuna salad, or a hot dog over a barbeque pork sandwich. I would say that growing up in a small town in Wisconsin really shaped what I eat.  We never had any real ethnic food restaurants and the entire population in my area is Dutch or German, so the …

Jennifer21 Years Old and Still Likes Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets
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Mom And Dad Were Right. What A Surprise.

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  Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs. A safe, kid-friendly meal. Like all other kids from age five to eight, that was my favorite meal. I’m surprised my babysitter didn’t resign from having to cook the same food over and over day after day. Other foods I’d list on my “about me” elementary school worksheets were Special K, SpaghettiOs and cheeseburgers. Nowhere on the list read the word “vegetables.” I was a strict non-vegetable eater. I know what you’re thinking, “Lauren, no kid likes vegetables.” Up until my junior year of high school, I still failed to reach for the asparagus or green peppers when they were sitting at the kitchen table. I never, ever voluntarily ate anything green or leafy. Boy, did that frustrate my parents. They were lucky enough to find that I would eat canned whole green beans and canned carrots though so that was something! Other than that, fruits, grains and meats were my main source of calorie intake. That little portion on the once then food pyramid. My freshman year of college was the first …

LaurenMom And Dad Were Right. What A Surprise.
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What We Eat Depend on Many Reasons

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Food is an important role play in my life and I want to eat everything in the world if I can. First, let’s talk about who I am and what food I eat. I born in China, so that means there will be plenty of difference food from America. In my country, the rice is easy to plant, so people decided to let the rice be the staple food. Because of the environment, we often eat pork and chicken. There do not have enough area to feed the cow in the past, so beef is an expansive cook when I grow up and there are no enough milk. After China communicate with other countries the milk started to be popular, but still some old people can’t accept the milk. That’s why the milk seems not very popular in my country. May be you will be confuse about what we do with such huge are without feed cows. The answer of that is we plant vegetables. In the village, our farmer force on plant vegetables, so when I live in China we always …

YijunWhat We Eat Depend on Many Reasons
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You Are What You Eat

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I haven’t always lived in Nebraska. I was born and raised in Georgia and moved to Nebraska in between 7th and 8th grade. I think going from one state to another shows how your environment, family, and friends can really influence your attitude towards certain foods. In Georgia I remember eating at certain restaurants and certain brands of products that are not here. I really loved grits for breakfast when I was growing up. Since moving to Nebraska I have not had grits, because every time I get them, they never taste right. Another southern thing I still do is eating coleslaw on top of my pulled pork sandwiches. Some people think it’s gross or weird, but it’s something that i’ve done and developed a taste for. One way family has shaped my attitude towards food is having a garden when I was growing up. I really love veggies and fruits except tomatoes ( I actually really hate tomatoes). I think that came from helping my dad in the garden all the time picking fresh veggies and fruits and either eating …

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Although affected, we should keep a balanced diet

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Food is always one of the most important things in our daily lives, which is also the object that people think the most all day long all night long. Obviously, rare things can affect people’s life three times (actually the average is more than twenty times) a day; therefore, we should pay highly attention to it. It is known to us all; that many factors can affect people’s diet and eating habits, like ethnicities, cultures, religions, etc. I am a Chinese guy, who loves foods deeply, and I am going to illustrate how the foods I eat affect me tremendously. In my childhood, I did not like to eat almost every kind of solid foods; however, I liked soft drinks a lot, especially the pop sodas. Apparently, my parents noticed that it could be very bad to my health, so they threw away all the soft drinks in my field of vision; I had nothing to do at that time, but cried, ate a little amount of healthy foods, and cried. As I was growing up, till I was eight …

ZixiangAlthough affected, we should keep a balanced diet
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The Power of Food

In # 1: You are what you eat by Courtney2 Comments

Growing up, my meals consisted of around the same food groups every time. I love my mom, but she does not know how to cook extremely well and because of that I had a majority of recurring meals. It was the usual spaghetti, chicken with rice, sloppy joes with mac and cheese, and green bean casserole. In addition, I could also say that my family fits the midwestern stereotype fairly well. I had burgers, steak, corn, and potatoes as kid too. With both my parents working full time jobs, that affected a majority of the meals I had. Fast food wasn’t foreign to my siblings and I as kids due to the fact that it was a quick and easy way to feed a family of five. Even so, my parents both made an effort to have my siblings and I get together to have a family meal every night. My mom used to say I was a picky eater, but truthfully, I think it was because of how picky of an eater my dad is. Anything outside of the …

CourtneyThe Power of Food
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The Food Lover

In # 1: You are what you eat by Shane1 Comment

Hey! I’m Shane and I’m a really big fan of chocolate well… I’m a really big fan of food in general. As a little child, I was never really picky about what I ate. I ate everything from carrots to squid. Having this laissez-faire idea of food shaped the person I am today. This idea literally decided my major in college and hopefully what I will do in the future. Not only has this laissez-faire idea on food pushed me to food science but the idea of eating as a family has also helped me enjoy the aspect of food. When we look at food, most people see just food, but they never realize the act of eating. Eating has been a big part of my family and has stuck with me till this day. When I was little, my mom stressed the idea of having dinner as a family. This sprouted multiple funny stories, funny comments, and ingrained life-long memories that I will never forget due to just eating. This soon evolved into family vacations planned around eating foods …

ShaneThe Food Lover
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Spicy Malaysians

In # 1: You are what you eat by Mae1 Comment

Hey Chipmunk Girl! Yes, that’s right. Growing up, my friends would call me the “Chipmunk Girl”. Some of you might be wondering why so? Was it the chubby cheeks? Or was I a big fan of seeds and nuts?  If that’s what you’re thinking I’m afraid you’re wrong. Well, has anyone realized that they sound like a chipmunk when your sinuses get budged up whenever you have a cold? I’m from Malaysia, a land with bipolar weather. One minute it might be scorching hot and the other it might be raining cats and dogs. The heat and humidity makes it easy to fall sick. I could recall that very day I came home from school completely drenched by the rain. As expected, the cold came after. That night, we were having Malay cuisine since my mother was craving for some beef rendang. I was served beef rendang with some steamed basmati rice while the rest of my family members had an extra side of sambal belacan. Sambal belacan is a traditional Malay sauce made from dried chilies and fermented prawn …

MaeSpicy Malaysians
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You are what you eat

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Growing up I had a normal childhood with what I ate.  There might have been a couple weird food that I ate here and there. I ate the usual little kid food, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and ice cream. I mean I still eat those foods because lets all face it you can never get tired of ice cream! Growing up my parents tried to get me to eat foods that I had never tried before and my not have liked but as they say “If you don’t try it you won’t ever know if you like it”. As I got older and started to play sports and be more active I learned that in order to have a good diet and stay healthy for the activities. I need to stop eating junk food and start eating healthy food. I remember that before every volleyball game My mom and I would go grocery shopping and while you see other people throwing in the junk food for their children to take with them on the bus my mom …

AndiYou are what you eat
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You are what you eat

In # 1: You are what you eat by LukeLeave a Comment

What we eat can say a lot about us. It is usually easy to tell if someone is vegan or if they are true to nature and love the taste of meat. It is also easy to tell if someone eats healthy or if they choose to eat for pleasure. I am from a bit of a unique situation in that I grew up in a small farming town in Ohio and then moved to the suburbs of Chicago. I got to see some of the differences in how what people eat can relate to what kind of person they are. Back in Ohio, people ate a lot more corn and beef than people do in the suburbs where everyone’s diet is much more diverse. One of the problems with having a more diverse diet is that people in the suburbs tended to be a worse shape than people on the farms. I am sure that can be explained by the differences in lifestyle but it changed how I eat nonetheless. I stilled wanted to eat healthily but I also …

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You Are What You Eat

In # 1: You are what you eat by Phillip1 Comment

Food is something that has always played a big role in my life. Being from Texas, there is always the stereotype that everything is bigger in Texas. When it comes to food, this statement is very true. There are bigger portions, bigger menus, and frankly, bigger people. San Antonio is listed as one of the top 10 fattest cities in the United States. Growing up, I fit the stereotype relatively well. The culture of Texas played a big role in how I ate as a child. All I wanted to eat was fast food and and it started to show. I was eating too much of the wrong things and not nearly enough carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. It was fat on fat on fat. I always would joke that my diet would fit in with the kids of the movie “Heavyweights”. Overall, I would say that I had a very easy childhood. I was a bit spoiled and if I wanted fast food, my parents didn’t push too hard against it. They wanted to make me happy and eating those …

PhillipYou Are What You Eat
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Food Knowledge & Cooking Ability = Pursuit of Healthier Lifestyle

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Knowledge of food varieties with the ability to cook enables a delight in cuisine and a healthier lifestyle.  This has been true in my diet pursuit to learn about, prepare, and eat delicious foods that are nutritionally balanced. Our society’s daily eating habits are affected by many conscious and subconscious influences. We consume based on what is available, location, age, income, gender, religion, foods trends, and more. My eating path has been guided by these same factors, they have lead me to want to be conscious of how the things I eat affect my person and the world around me, and how common bond is established around the dinner table. Recent diet trends have shown that younger people do not know how to cook. This may lead them to turn to convenient ready to eat meals which contain multiple ingredients, often seeped in high sugar and high fat, which are not easy for our bodies to digest. My mother taught me how to cook; she introduced variety of recipes to my family’s dinner table where we ate all of our …

JanelleFood Knowledge & Cooking Ability = Pursuit of Healthier Lifestyle
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Obese America- Where it all starts

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Thinking back, the most memorable childhood memories took place at McDonald’s Play Land. My mother would take me each day after school to purchase a dollar menu item. She was on a budget. I was that kid who ate food based upon how good it tasted. As a child, McDonald’s chicken nuggets were my go to. This unhealthy lifestyle started very young. Nevertheless, my mother worked very hard in order to provide for me. Growing up my mother suffered from breast cancer and heart failure. This effected my food choices immensely. For example, my mother was always working or at the hospital. With her being absent, my siblings and I had to cook for ourselves. In general, I was never forced to eat my vegetables or eat healthy. These circumstances have shaped how I eat now. Currently, I do what I was familiar with as a child and go through drive thru most days because I know it is quick and inexpensive. Unfortunately, these food choices are unsupportive to my health. Throughout grade school, I was overweight and considered myself …

KayleeObese America- Where it all starts
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You Are What You Eat

In # 1: You are what you eat, Assigned Posts by Amber1 Comment

It is very true that people are easy to be changed because of some external forces. For example, we have to be more adaptable when we move into a new environment that is completely different from your own town. It usually means that we have to use the best of our ability to learn new language, adjust self-biological clock, change daily diet habit, compromise culture shock, and adapt newly social atmosphere in a relatively short period of time in order to live a little more. However, I think people will always remain their own food preference or habit and take it as a souvenir of their family’s memory or cultural customs. Four years of college in American really changed me a lot, I have been used to speak English, listen country music, and to watch football games. However, there is one thing that I hope I will never be changed and that is my eating preference. My favorite food is Chinese hot pot because it not only represents the reunion of my family but also connects the friendship between my …

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You are What you Eat

In # 1: You are what you eat by Rebecca2 Comments

If you are what you eat, then why put unknown, chemical filled foods in your body? It has become a not only a choice, but a hobby for me to find healthy and appetizing foods to satisfy my body’s needs. Since as long as I can remember eating organic, chemical free, and unprocessed foods has been apart of my life on a daily basis. My parents only shopped at grocery stores that most of my friends had not even heard of at a young age. They find a healthy diet very important and until the past few years I never understood why. As a result of this parenting choice, my two sisters and I have been used to thinking about what food is made out of, whether we would like to or not. Having sports and education be such an important part of my life throughout high school and now college has also altered the way I chose my diet. Being determined to succeed in such activities I learned that eating healthy does make a difference. Watching what I put …

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Food for Thought

In # 1: You are what you eat by Leo1 Comment

Food has always been of interest to me. When I was little, my mom would sit me up on the counter as she made Kraft Mac & Cheese, or brownies, cookies, and other things, and have me watch and “help.” So this was probably my first introduction to food. When I was in first grade, I wanted to be a farmer so I could grow fresh food. When I was in second grade, I wanted to be a “taste-tester” so that I could taste food all the time and determine if it was good or bad. Later, and even somewhat now, I wanted to be a chef and own my own restaurant. But one thing that stayed constant throughout those years was my interest and desire to participate in the preparing of the food I eat. As a result of this, I find great pleasure in cooking and baking. I love bringing out my cast-iron skillet and frying some wings or chicken or corn-dogs, or pretty much anything. But this pleasure I get is not solely derived from the fun …

LeoFood for Thought