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Holding Back the Obesity Epidemic

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Gerardo0 Comments

Obesity is excessive body fat which leads to health problems.  In order to combat the obesity epidemic, you have to start with the big food companies setting an example.  If the companies stop selling so much junk food, people will still have to eat and they’ll turn to healthier foods.  This in turn, makes healthy foods a little bit cheaper since there’s so much supply of it because junk food isn’t a thing.  Of course this would be impossible but restricting the amount of junk food that companies can make could be a starting point.  With the limit on junk food production, people will have more supply from health foods and start eating those more often. Another angle we can approach this from is city planning.  Cities can get bike lanes which span through the whole city in order to promote healthy transportation.  This can be achieved by making bike lanes every 2 to 3 blocks from which bike riders can reach the buildings in between with ease.  We could take Barcelona as an example.  They have implemented “superblocks” into …

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Junk food and obesity

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Yixin0 Comments

With the development of economy and the improvement of the life quality, the health concepts of people have also begun to change. Today’s health has been defined as physical fitness, obesity avoidance, and regular physical examination. Therefore, obesity has become a topic of increasing concern and discussion.   Obesity is a chronic disease, and WHO (WHO) proved that it was the most easily overlooked disease of human beings, however, the incidence is rising rapidly. Now obesity has become a health problem affecting the world, and the International Obesity Task Force (TOTF) points out that obesity will be the biggest killer of human health and life satisfaction. Obesity affects the lives, studies and work of some people, including most young people, not only for their physiology, but also for their mental health. Therefore, it is extremely important in the prevention and early treatment of obesity.   There are several suggestions that I would like to share with.   Food companies and retailersshouldbe banned to use cartoon images to attract young consumers to buy junk food. People question the use of cartoon images to attract children in advertising and …

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Diet and Healthy

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Danyan0 Comments

During 19th century, obese adults were no more than 15 percent of the population in the United States. By 2010, most of states had obesity rates at least 25 percent. Nowadays, based on the data, almost one out of three people have a problem with obesity. Of even greater concern is the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and teenagers is increasing rapidly. Another alarming trend is that youth are getting overweight and obese at younger ages. (Harvard School of Public Health, 2012) Obviously, obesity epidemic results from dietary behaviors such as eating a large amount of junk food, fast food, and other unhealthy food in daily life. The problem of obesity epidemic should be noteworthy by society and government. If I am appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Food and Health, I have three suggestions to deal with the obesity food issue. First, for high calorie and unhealthy food, manufacturers must clearly label the ingredients which have risks of being overweight or obesity on the package to remind customers before purchase. This gentle hint will give customers …

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Convenience is Key

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Therese0 Comments

Two of the largest culprits in the obesity epidemic are convenience of unhealthy food and the lack of physical activity. While increasing physical activity would likely have a larger impact on general health, the issue of convenience is easier to address. Drive through restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores do not capitalize on healthy options, but rather quick and inexpensive options that satisfy cravings. Sweet and salty snacks, as well as caffeinated and carbonated beverages are the most popular items on these menus. Many do offer items like fruit and yogurt parfaits, salads, and fruit or vegetable cups, but in comparison to french fries and chicken nuggets these options have very little appeal. Another roadblock in the way of convenient health food is simply how difficult it is to eat things like salads in a car. Lots of families drive through restaurants to keep kids and drivers happy without causing delays. While it may not be a great idea, an experienced driver can manage a cheeseburger with one hand while driving relatively safely with the other. Something like a salad …

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Obesity: An Issue of Habits

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Vanessa2 Comments

Obesity is a disease where a person’s calorie intake and activity are out of balance, and can develop into non-contagious diseases such as metabolic syndrome. Obesity has become prevalent in the US over the last 30 years. What is most alarming is the rate of obesity in children. The CDC reports in 2011-2014, obesity in children ages 2-19 was at about 17%. When they break their age range into smaller groups, the data is jaw dropping; ages 2-5: 8.9%, ages 6-11: 17.5%, ages 12-19: 20.5% (Ogden, Carroll, Fryar, Flegal, 2015). I believe that this shows that bad habits of eating an unbalanced diet and/or lack of activity are being formed even at a young age, and most likely will stay with the new generation for their lifetime if they continue. I believe it’s the job of the parents and doctors in partnership with schools to encourage good habits in the new generations, and these are a few ways the government can help. The US has gotten used to huge portion sizes. This has even been used for marketing a brand, …

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Obesity in America

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Jade0 Comments

My first course of action would be to target the big fast food industries. In an ideal situation, I would simply make menus healthier. The grease, carbs, and sugar are horrible for one’s body, and with the low prices that they offer it makes it so easy to eat more than you need. Wraps rather than burgers, veggies/fruits rather than fries. If they’re not serving the wrong types of foods, people can’t be tempted to buy them. Getting rid of the indulgent burgers and fries and chicken nuggets would cause many different situations. If one was in a true hurry, they would order something from the now healthier menu. If one really was craving an indulgent item they could make it at home, therefore making it healthier. Or one would eat at a sit down restaurant and eat a somewhat healthier version of what the fast food restaurant would have served them. Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King would make money no matter what they were serving as long as they were all serving the same, healthy options. If restaurants for …

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Our Future is Found in the Ways of the Past

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Madison0 Comments

Executive Summary With the obesity epidemic on the rise, it has become crucial to the future of the United States that action be taken in order to fend off this slow and silent killer. Obesity has many factors, but the main causes are eating too much and not exercising enough. The most efficient way to fight obesity in this country is outlined in the following three-step plan. Step 1: Make food taste bad. As Americans, we love to indulge ourselves with delicious food. More often than not, this food is incredibly unhealthy: rich in calories and simple carbohydrates. I admit that sometimes when I find a meal absolutely delicious I eat it to the point of being uncomfortable because I hate to leave good food on a plate. I know that I am not alone in this mentality. In order to eliminate the indulgence culture in this country, making food taste bad is necessary. If all food tasted bad, citizens of this country would view food simply as a fuel, not a fun experience. However, the food would be less …

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Obesity is Taking Over

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Elizabeth0 Comments

Obesity is a major problem that I don’t think we take serious enough. It has become one of the leading causes of death. Here are a few ideas of things that could be done to help prevent it. First, I think that sit down restaurants should be serving the correct portion sizes. They also should make the calories for each item on the menu more visible and also post them online. I know when I go to restaurants I often over eat and end up feeling miserable by the time I leave. I like to look up menus online before I even go so that I know what my healthier options are. Sometimes calories aren’t posted online which makes is hard for people trying to stay healthy and look up the menu ahead of time. Restaurants either need to only be serving portion sizes or on the menu it should say how many portion sizes are in the serving. Restaurants could also use smaller plates so it looks like more food than it actually is. Second, I don’t think there …

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Healthy living – important for all ages

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion, Assigned Posts by Alexis0 Comments

There is no question that obesity has become a problem in today’s society, but at what point do we stop shoveling this problem off to the side saying, “people just need be more active” and actually come up with a solution? Now that over one third of the population is obese and yet another third is considered overweight, I think the time has come that we come up with a REAL solution to this very real problem. There’s a million ways that we could solve this problem, some more realistic than others, but the hardest part is finding solutions that actually work. There are plans out there that are trying to improve this obesity problem by punishing people for choosing to eat or drink the wrong foods. Doing this only makes people feel bad about what they are choosing to do and they are not learning anything about preventing the problem. My plan focuses on rewarding people who choose to live a healthier lifestyle rather than punishing those who don’t. I have two plans, one that focuses on children (elementary …

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No more, no less, none.

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion, Leftovers by Chuan0 Comments

The World Health Organization, WHO stated that the number one cause of death in the world is Ischaemic Heart Disease (WHO, Jan 2017), but what leads the birth of this vicious killing machine? There are many answers, but many of them related to one thing, excessive consumption of junk food. Let’s define junk food. Junk food is a kind of nutrition supplement which provides little or none actual nutritional value or even harms the body when consumed. We come across junk food every day, might have eaten them every day and still little do we know it will kill us one day if we don’t stop practicing this unhealthy habit of eating junk food. Many attempts of dissuading the intake of junk food had been proven useless. Calorie information are often ignored, hardcore fans of pop wouldn’t mind paying more for their favorite guilty pleasure. If all these fail, what else could work? What can the government still do? Let’s pretend we live in a communist governed country. A mandatory exercise session for the citizens to have a healthier lifestyle …

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Junk Food Reform

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Trace1 Comment

Obesity is a major problem in today’s society. Unhealthy food has become so readily available and cheap, that the general public consumes thousands of excess calories just because they are available, not because they need them to survive. This, combined with a general lack of exercise in the community has lead to a major problem. To solve this, I have come up with a multi-faceted plan to help dissuade people from consuming incredibly unhealthy foods. Step one is to limit the times that fast food chains are open, and the locations at which they can be built. I believe they should be open no later than 7pm, and be located no closer than 5 miles away from the center of town or center of any major residential area. This will prevent the satiation of late night snack cravings, as they would not be open, as well as prevent quick “snacks” during lunch breaks for the general workforce. This could majorly hurt fast food chains, so if they will not comply, step 2 will be attempted. Step two involves placing caloric …

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Put an end to Obesity

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Kiera1 Comment

Obesity is a major problem in America and it needs to be put to an end. With this disease being directly related to the consumption of food, I have come up with a few solutions that could help solve this issue. First, I think that foods should be labeled with the accurate serving size per person. This makes it easier for the consumer to tell how many calories they are actually consuming inside of them. I think that majority of people are too lazy to calculate it currently (because of the inaccurate serving sizes) or just glance at it and think that’s how much they are going to eat. Calorie consumption has a huge impact on how much a person is going to weigh and with proper labels I think that this problem could be fixed. Second, I think that unhealthy foods should be placed on higher shelves at stores. Most of the time people shopping are in a hurry and want to get done as soon as possible. By placing junk food on higher shelves where consumers cannot reach …

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Grow your food!

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion, Leftovers by Justin1 Comment

I would like to approach the issue of the obesity epidemic by proposing a new plan of personal farming. If each person in the United States were to raise their own livestock and grow their own food, the factor of convenience in stores would be replaced by convenience at home. The extra energy spent on growing their own foods would accumulate a good exercise cycle. With this being said, growth and development of naturally grown foods can boost protection of the immune system by reintroducing foreign materials back into the body such as those that cause allergens and disease. Convenience plays a huge role in the obesity factor. As more and more fast food restaurants open, the level of convenience also increases. Being able to grab a hamburger with fries and a soft drink on every street corner rewards those who don’t have time. However, being able to work for your food, being able to grow it yourself, offers healthier alternatives to convenience. For example, a vegetable garden; instead of going to the store and buying ingredients to compose a …