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Junk Food Should Change

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Leo3 Comments

It seems as though most ideas discussed in class on curbing the obesity epidemic revolves around government interference and taxing “junk food.” And these ideas are pretty good. The people have a right to be informed of what they are eating and to have easy access to its nutritional value. Obesity causes health problems, and when people can’t afford treatment, the bill for their medical expenses is passed down to the taxpayer. So, it makes sense, logically, for foods associated with obesity to be taxed at a higher rate in order to recoup these losses. However, there is another way. Instead of working on stopping people from eating these “junk foods,” what if there was a way to make them healthier. In 1998, Lay’s introduced “WOW CHIPS” which were essentially fat free chips. The chips did cause some digestive problems when people ate too many at one sitting, however, this was more likely the consumer’s fault. If junk food companies would put forth the research to modify their products to make them less unhealthy, we could see a decrease in …

LeoJunk Food Should Change
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Fast Food/Junk Food

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Khalifa1 Comment

America is one of the leading countries in obesity around the world. The consumption of fast food and junk food causes any individual  to sustain lack of energy and motivation to do anything active. One of the many reasons people are attracted to these types of food is because of the advertisement they watch on their television or view on social media. These advertisements alter the appearance of the food in their commercials to make it look irresistible and appealing. In a way it forces you to think, you have to have it. However, many of these consumers do not realize the amount of sugar that goes into the soft drinks and the amount of calories in the fast food. There’s quite a number of people who have come to the realization that fast food and junk food needs to be removed from their diet and they need to live a clean lifestyle with healthy eating. However, there are not enough people who have been able to eat healthy. One way to encourage and promote healthy eating is by raising …

KhalifaFast Food/Junk Food
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Learn, Educate, Save

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by LaurenLeave a Comment

According to the Office of the Surgeon General, nearly 300,000 deaths every year are attributable to obesity. That is 300,000 lives that potentially could have been saved or at least extended to further years. Last year, the Surgeon General launched a video that announced an event, #StepItUp. This particular video within the campaign focused on health and what members of a community can do in order to improve the diseases that are linked with obesity. This video encouraged individuals to choose walking as their primary form of transportation when going to school, work or going to the store. This is a program that I would similarly create if I were in the Surgeon General’s shoes. This is an effective way to get the word out about what is happening with obesity and the U.S. while showing them what they can do to help the epidemic. I’d make programs within communities so that low-income families have the ability to visit a dietitian and set up a workout plan through a gym that is in their community at a low cost. If making the …

LaurenLearn, Educate, Save
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Don’t Blink – There’s an Epidemic

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by KayleeLeave a Comment

Obesity is a rising epidemic that most of the United States as well as other countries have been facing for decades. Now I want you all to look at yourself and think whether or not you fit the qualifications of being obese. Some of you may, some of you may not. But you are all probably wondering how can we can fix this problem? I propose that we start incorporating a tax on unhealthy foods. I believe it would be most beneficial because it will encourage people to pick a healthy alternate instead of spending their hard earned money for the unhealthy option. Living an unhealthy lifestyle will continue to be passed on to generation after generation unless we do something about it. Pop, junk food, and fast food are some of the most highly consumed drinks/foods. Everyday people consume more and more of these foods. I propose an idea based upon incentive. When I took classes at Southeast Community College, they had an incentive program. For every thirty minutes you worked out at their gym, you would get 5 …

KayleeDon’t Blink – There’s an Epidemic
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Make America Healthy Again

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Luke1 Comment

Donald Trump is one of the two less than ideal candidates in the running to be the next president of the United States. His campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again” and yet he has barely touched on one of the largest problems that America is facing. Obesity has become a problem for over a third of the population and being overweight is also a problem for many people. Now, this number is not entirely accurate because the BMI scale is not perfect. Clay Matthews, a professional football player, has a BMI of 31 which is technically obese, yet he is considered to be an amazing athlete. Yes, he is an exception but it shows that the scale is not perfect. For most people, though, there has been an increasing trend in their waistline. There are many reasons that the waistlines of Americans have been increasing over the last couple of decades but the most influential reason is the change in the diet of the average American. Back in the early 1900’s the average American diet consisted of meat, homegrown …

LukeMake America Healthy Again
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Combating Obesity

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Kelsey2 Comments

Without a doubt, obesity is a prevalent issue in many countries, especially in the United States. Obesity can be thought of as an imbalance between calorie consumption and physical activity. In the past, someone being overweight or obese meant that they were well off and able to put food on the table in times when food was scarce. Interestingly enough, in today’s society, studies have shown that the poor are more susceptible to becoming obese. According to the American Diabetes Association, people who live in counties where more than one-third of the residents live below the poverty line have obesity rates that are 145% greater than people in wealthier counties. This trend may be attributed to the fact that foods that have little to no nutritional value are significantly cheaper than foods that are healthy, such as fruits and vegetables. When shopping for food on a low budget, people want to get more for their money so they spend it on foods that aren’t always good for them. Instead of preparing whole meals, it is cheaper and easier to run …

KelseyCombating Obesity
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A Suggestion in Ending the Obesity Epidemic

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Elizabeth5 Comments

According to a 2012 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 33.1% of the United States had a BMI that is considered overweight (25-29.9) and an additional 42% of the population had a BMI that would be considered obese (above 30) or morbidly obese (above 40). This means that, according to this study, a total of 75.1% of the U.S. population is considered overweight or obese. This is a 9% increase from the statistic that stated that 2/3 of the U.S. population is overweight or obese, and these statistics are only expected to increase if we continue on our current dietary plans. For this reason, I am suggesting a few alterations to our current legislation to avoid spreading this obesity epidemic further. The first is a mandatory federal sin tax on items that have no nutritional value such as soda and candy. While some cities in the U.S. currently have legislation in place that taxes such foods, there needs to be a tax across the nation. If there is a significant enough tax on sugary drinks, such as …

ElizabethA Suggestion in Ending the Obesity Epidemic
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Ending Obesity In America

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by Tanner2 Comments

The obesity-food issue is still one of the biggest problems this country faces to this day. No surprise here. I understand that the majority of people might actually enjoy a home cooked meal from time to time, but there is something about fast food and sugary filled drinks that the people just can’t resist. Fast food is fast and easy after a long day and you don’t want to make an actual dinner at home and sugary soft drinks not only taste good but have the factor to give you energy when you might need it. If I ever was given the opportunity to be a part of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Food and Health, there are multiple steps that I would take to try and improve and change the obesity-food issue. I would agree with one of the examples used for the assignment and that is adding tax to junk foods. I believe that if you make unhealthy foods more expensive then the healthier foods. You can go to a fast food restaurant and they want you to …

TannerEnding Obesity In America
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Excessive Caloric Tax

In # 2: Junk Food Dissuasion by AshleyLeave a Comment

Obesity is an epidemic that is covering the United States. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, more than two-thirds of adults suffer from obesity and one in twenty have extreme obesity in the United States. The government should step in to help guide it’s people. When humans lack self-control the government steps in to help guide them on the right path. That is what needs to be done in the case of obesity. Humans need the government’s help.   I’m proposing two things that the government can do to help the citizens of the United States. The first is free information from registered dietitians. The second is an additional tax on excessively caloric foods. I feel these two ideas could help reduce obesity in the United States.   The government should hire registered who post free health and wellness information. Lack of knowledge plays a role in people’s poor eating habits. Most people who give nutrition advice are actually selling something. They don’t have the people’s best interest in mind, they have a sale …

AshleyExcessive Caloric Tax