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Onganic food in Whole foods market

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Yixin0 Comments

“Whole foods” is the largest organic food retailers in the United States, with nearly 300 stores and approximately 60 thousand employees. Because of its high quality and healthy lifestyle, it has been favored by American consumers and has been called “Apple Inc. in the food world.   Into the whole foods, you can feel high-end atmospheric grade. Here the vegetables stacked neatly in open storage cabinets on the shelves, cabbage and radish have a standing on, each piece of celery faces the same direction as the decoration art that is pleasant to the eye . The soft lighting of the shop is said to refer to the gallery’s lighting design to highlight the attractive colors of the food. In the words of a business operator, it is to use the lights “try to render the beauty of food”, so that people drooling and forget the price.   Most of the goods sold have “organic” (Organic) labels. According to information, pollution-free food, green food and organic food are internationally recognized food classification. The most significant difference between organic food and pollution-free food, green …

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Whole Assorted Foods

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Vanessa0 Comments

The last time I went to a Whole Foods was when I was about twelve, and it was a big store in Omaha. My mom would take my sisters and I to eat sorbet after ballet lessons. I always thought the food was a little costly, but back then I wasn’t quite aware of what the cost of things were. But the food was high quality and there was a lot of variety available from what I remember. Most recently, I went on a Monday, around 4 pm. It wasn’t packed, but it wasn’t empty either. There were mostly women, some with children, but there was a man in a suit and another man who looked like a motorcyclist. However, the people who were stocking produce and doing other work in the store were much more stereotypical, more hipster. After taking in the people, I turned my attention to the products. The first area you walk into when coming into the store is the produce, which is the largest group of organic food. Their way of arranging the produce was …

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HyVee Health Market

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Therese0 Comments

For this project, I went to HyVee to see what sort of things they had available there. Some of the things that I noticed had to do with labeling. On my shopping list were bell peppers, because i saw that they were on sale. Initially, I was disappointed to see that I must’ve read the ad wrong. I was expecting 3 peppers for $3, but instead I found that they were twice that expensive. That’s when i noticed the small sign that said “Organic.” The peppers looked identical, but the organic ones were much more expensive. This let me to wonder whether the small sign was intentional, to possibly lead people to pay higher prices without realizing it, or if it was my own lack of observation. I suppose I’ll never know which it is. I noticed that in the produce section, organic and conventional produce were pretty much all together. There wasn’t really an organic and conventional section; organic salad mixes were right next to conventional salad mixes, etc. Throughout the rest of the store, there were a few …

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Are Organics Worth the Thyme?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Casey1 Comment

The demand for organic foods is growing and according to the USDA, organic sales account for over 4 percent of all food sales in the United States. Due to this demand, more and more organic stores are popping up all around the United States. Fresh Thyme is one of new organic grocery chains opening stores in the Midwest which includes one store in Lincoln and three stores in Omaha. According to Fresh Thyme’s website, their store is focused on selling fresh, healthy, and natural products. A section of their website is titled “Fresh. Healthy. Natural. It’s Thyme!” As we learned in class, natural” does not mean anything unless the term is used to label meat and seafood products. This particular section doesn’t talk about meats or seafood. They are a little misleading and rely on the psychology associated with the term “natural.” They put the idea into peoples’ heads that their produce is better because it is “natural.” I think this, the way organic food is marketed, is one of the reasons why more people are choosing to buy organic. …

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Natural Marshmallows

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Sydney1 Comment

Did you know there’s such thing as natural marshmallows? Neither did I, though whether “natural” means anything or not, Dandies Natural marshmallows are sold for twice the amount of a typical Kraft marshmallow package. It’s crazy to think just because of one little label, that is really bogus, it can double the price of something. I made a visit to Natural Grocers on 48th street and was overwhelmed by the herbal smell upon entering the building. At that point I wondered to myself, is this a selling point for them? Make the store smell natural and herbal so the customers believe more in these products? The produce area is also an area where they can stick an organic sticker on the products and raise the price by $2/lb, which in my mind is not worth it. Though, if I was not educated about the truths of organic v.s. non-organic I would probably believe in it too. Organic is a label that makes these products stand out. It’s something different and that’s why I think customers are drawn in. Don’t get …

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Lettuce take a walk down the Organic Aisle

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Justin2 Comments

My mom and dad had stopped by my house yesterday to pay me a visit and I had asked if we could go to the store and we ended up going to Sam’s Club.  Once we got here, we took our time looking for groceries and other additional items I had needed for my apartment.  I took a stroll down to the produce aisle as my mother went to go do shopping of her own. The conventional foods were placed right next to the organic foods, but the organic sections were clearly distinguished. There were boxes that had labels on the side of them in large print: ORGANIC. The boxes stacked up and had the product protruding from the opening. The conventional items were next to them, no clear labeling or print. I decided to get a closer look into the subject. Going down the aisle, I saw a variety of mixes, pre-packaged kits, and plain greens. I had decided to walk up to the organic ­­­­­­­­­boxes and took a gander to find baby spring mix from Taylor Farms Organic …

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Organic deception

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Tyler1 Comment

Luckily I needed to go grocery shopping for a few things so this assignment lined up perfectly. I chose to go to the Trader Joes on Pine Lake street in the South point mall because my mom does a lot of her shopping there and it’s basically on my way home from work. When I walked in everything seemed and looked just like a normal grocery store would for the most part. After walking up and down the isles I observed many differences in the way things were packaged. I noticed everything seemed more brightly and more colorfully packaged. The store itself after exploring more, had a way different vibe to it than your typical supersaver or Hy-Vee experience. Things looked the part of organic. You could really start to tell you were in an organic market opposed to a regular grocery store. It had a nature kind of theme to it which really got you in the mood to eat organic and healthy. It was really smart advertising when you think about it. Each package read something like 100% …

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Are Organic Foods Really that special?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Emily0 Comments

For this assignment I made a trip to Whole Foods on O street, as it is not far from my house. The first time I ever went to Whole Foods I was truly amazed at all the different products they had. I didn’t really understand the concept of organic stuff quite yet, so I just thought it was like any other grocery store, but with non-name brand foods. Now that I understand organic foods a lot more, I have a completely different view of places like Whole Foods. I still do enjoy going though! The Whole Foods on O street even has a place where you can eat lunch. My dad and I had lunch there one day and it was delicious! But also extremely expensive for relatively small amounts of food. I have two favorite products that I like to buy from Whole Foods. (One of which you can actually get at Hyvee too.) I drink Horizon Organic chocolate milk, which I buy in the single serving containers, and I buy these tasty fruit strips by a brand called …

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Organic Is Not Worth It

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal, Leftovers by Elizabeth3 Comments

I have never been one to go shopping for organic goods. I personally have never had any interest in them mainly because they are so expensive and I am so broke right now. My first time going to Whole Foods was my freshman year in college with my close friends. This was actually the first time I had ever even heard of the store. They insisted on getting their groceries there and then eating the salad bar for dinner. I actually hated going there but I just went with them to get the salad bar and see what hot foods were out that day. The salad bar is probably the most reasonably priced thing in the entire store. You can make your own salad and then they weigh it at the checkout. Mine usually came out to be between $5-$6 which isn’t bad. My friends would always buy tons of groceries from there though. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes every time the cashier told them their total. They would barely get any groceries yet it would be so …

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Organic Food Market

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Danyan1 Comment

In the second year of my university life, I decided to move out student dormitory and canceled my meal plan which means I need to prepare three meals a day by myself. Inevitably, going to the supermarket weekly becomes a part of my life. Taking the advantage, of this assignment, I went to the Whole Food market in last weekend. This was my first time visiting Lincoln’s Whole Food market. One of the selling points for Whole Food which attracts me is that they are only providing “natural” products without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. I remembered since I walked in the Whole Food market, whether its large green logo or its interior decoration was revealing that their products are healthy and natural. I noted that there were many raw, fresh, and processed products with USDA seal on the shelves. This organic labeling certified by USDA is used only for “100 percent organic” and “organic” products. When I walked past several aisles, I aware that Whole Food provides a lot of organic food within a broad range of issue. …

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Good or Illusion?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Chuan0 Comments

Does eating organic food really makes you healthier, or is it all just an illusion people had facing the stressful truth of reality? Sometimes, we need to take a break from everything, think hard and long about all the choices we make, all the thoughts we feel was right. I was surprised when I see the organic label so often when I walked down the aisles in Walmart. It caught my attention that the organic and non-organic labelling can make so much difference in an item, the ingredients used are obviously organic standard approved, but many also exclude the addition of salt and sugar. The addition of salt and sugar are one of the many things able to force illusion onto humans as being unhealthy. One such example is pop beverages, change the sugar into some other sweetener, label it ‘no added sugar’ and everyone thinks it is some kind of detox drink. Another thing I observed while strolling in Walmart is, organic labelled items always have higher price than the normal products. Not to say the many factors that …

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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Organic?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Chloe1 Comment

Until recently, my experience with organic foods was limited to whatever my uncle Dwayne would pull out of his garden. My uncle, while one of the kindest people I know, is also one of the most traditional farmers. On his acreage one could find a bounty at any time during the year: squash, pumpkins, apples, raspberries, grapes, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, onions, etc. I love visiting my extended family, and I love eating the medley of food the prepare for our family get together’s, but I could never really understand the toil of gardening. Especially growing crops without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial agents. I always thought crops yielded without these agrochemicals would be wormy, or too hard to find underneath all the weeds. Dwayne never seemed worried about bugs, or crop yield, and his nonchalance made it easy to forget my concerns. Thinking of the simple meals my extended family made to highlight their harvest’s bounty every year, made me think that all I would find within an organic store would be produce. In fact, the produce section …

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The other side of Hyvee

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Jade1 Comment

I needed to go grocery shopping and I thought it would be a perfect time to do this assignment. I went to Hyvee and I usually don’t buy anything or even go near the organic section, but I did during this trip. I am actually very familiar with the Hyvee organic section, a family member had a big organic phase where that was all she ate so we visited a lot, so this trip wasn’t my first. The organic sections are very natural feeling. They are all wood and outdoors-ish, which is smart on Hyvee’s part. It creates a sort of feeling you would associate with eating organic foods. It’s a neat area, but definitely not cool enough to make me want to spend more for the same exact product. This particular Hyvee has a very large organic section, the one back home is smaller but I am sure that they are all growing considering the hype associated with organic foods. The shelves were nice and organized, partially because not as many people visit that area of the store, so …

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Organic is a Powerful Word

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Kiera4 Comments

In all honesty, I never imagined myself walking into a Whole Foods store willingly. The only time I have been there before was when my neighbor would drag her daughter and me after practice to go with her to buy groceries. I remembered it all being food that my parents would never typically purchase because all the labels looked so healthy. Give or take I was only the age of 10 at the time so I didn’t know much except for what the packages looked like. Going to Whole Foods again has made me realize that my perception as kid is probably what majority of people see as well in these kind of stores. I would like to discuss first of all about how nutritious they make the whole store seem. As soon as you walk in they try to trick you to think that everything in their store is a healthy product. You might think I’m over exaggerating, but seriously it’s like they had a machine malfunction and label everything with “organic” at that store. No matter where my …