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Natural Grocers

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Nevada1 Comment

This afternoon I decided to adventure to a store that I knew a friend shopped at frequently, Natural Grocers. I had never stepped inside of this store nor a store of similarity. As I walked inside Natural Grocers, I picked up on a ‘green’ feel and theme to the store. The first destination of the store I wanted to check out was the produce section. As I approached the produce section, I noticed that it was about 1/20 of the size of the produce area in Walmart or other stores. This shocked me at first, but then I realized that there are very few ‘organic’ farmers compared to the conventional farmers for produce. As I looked over the produce, it looked the same, smelled the same, and was price almost the same as the same fruits and vegetables in Walmart. My second destination of the store was the boxed grains aisle. This aisle contained Clif bars, cereal, crackers, and even cookies – about four Walmart aisles were in one aisle here. I noticed a lot of the products we talked …

NevadaNatural Grocers
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Organic Is Taking Over The Planet (Or is it?)

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Phillip1 Comment

I have frequented many Whole Foods stores back home in Texas. However, when I am there I am usually looking for something specific. I have certain items on a list and just go to the places needed to find my specific groceries. When we were given the details of this assignment, I really wanted to use it as an opportunity to just explore. I wanted to give myself as much time as I needed so I was not under any time constraint. I wanted to walk in to the store and just find out as much as possible. I didn’t want any of my past experiences at Whole Foods to effect this experience. I wanted it visit the store as if it was my first time ever walking into a Whole Foods. When I first walked into the store, I went straight for the produce section. That is what caught my eye right as I walked in. There has always been something about the produce section at grocery stores that intrigue me. I think it might have something to do …

PhillipOrganic Is Taking Over The Planet (Or is it?)
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Fresh Thyme shopping experience

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by AndiLeave a Comment

Coming from a small town we had to grocery stores. We never had a grocery store that just for organic food. So going to Fresh Thyme was a very new experience for me to go and see. I also have noticed a change in the culture in which the way people eat here. I was never surrounded by vegan or vegetarian. There had been people that were Gluten Free in Ord so we were starting to get section in our grocery stores. For this assignment I went and shopped at Fresh Thyme. I was a very different experience for me. I enjoyed going and seeing all of the different brands that were there and what they had. You can tell that everything in there is natural. You may think that when you go into one of these stores all of the food is going to be healthy but it is definitely not all heathy foods there. Going there just made me think that I want to shop there. The fruit looked so good and had such a great color added …

AndiFresh Thyme shopping experience
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Thoughts about organic food

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Qiyue1 Comment

            A Hy-vee supermarket is very close to my apartment, so I decided to go there to explore some organic food. The first thing that I looked is egg because I really like eggs. I found that the non-organic egg only takes 0.99 for one dozen. However, the organic egg will take 7.89 for one dozen. I was wondering if does the nutrition difference make the prices so tremendous, so I carefully examined the nutrition labels. I found out there were just very small amount different between the two products. Thus, I thought maybe the tastes were different causing the difference in prices so I decided to buy both of them.            The second produce that I brought was whole grain flours because I love baking bread. I picked some flours and wanted to find some organic produces. In the organic section, some have organic labels on them, some did not, but the interesting thing was they all had the word—“organic” on the packages. Before I have FSTD280 class, I might think they are all …

QiyueThoughts about organic food
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My Adventure to Walmart

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Shane1 Comment

When traveling to Walmart to buy a binder for my newly purchased student’s solution manual. I decided that it would be a good time to look at the organics section and purchase some produce. So when looking at the produce section, I saw only a small section of organic products. When talking to an employer, he stated that this is the only organic section for the produce aisle but other products will have organic products mixed in down the aisle with non-organic products. This idea I didn’t really understand. Due to the increase of organic food purchases,  I would assume supermarkets would want to try to make these products easier to find. Personally, I dread shopping due to how long it takes me to buy foods that are not organic. But when trying to just buy organic foods that are mixed in with a majority of non-organic foods, this could possibly take me longer to find the products I desire. This experience could be avoided altogether if I did go to another supermarket such as Whole Foods. Not only do …

ShaneMy Adventure to Walmart
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Whole Foods shopping experience

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Janelle1 Comment

One of the most noticeable aspects of the Whole Foods grocery shopping experience was the marketing of brand identity. Designs were trendy, nostalgic, new, and colorful. Their images coupled with product ‘positivity’ messages specifically play into consumer culture and personal feelings of relatable experiences. Product companies curate designs through symbols, colors and characters to capture consumers trust through recognizable figures and approachable compositions. Whole Foods offers new and different food choices in organic and non-organic products compared to conventional grocery stores who might carry products like Campbell’s soup or Kraft macaroni and cheese. I found myself noticing the design of the package first, object second. At checkout there was an ‘organic beet performance supplement’ liquid in a 2 oz container next to the ‘turmeric energy supplement’ drink. Some organic food labels tended to incorporate the color green in the typeface or main background color as a now culturally persuasive hue in evoking feelings of ‘freshness’. Sometimes the design was completely dissociated from the thing itself, like a majestic blonde stallion on a soda can. Other times picturesque still-life arrangements of fruits …

JanelleWhole Foods shopping experience
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The Organic Food Takeover

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As I walked around Target and looked around me, I came to notice how many organic food products there really were. There were even some products, other than fruits and vegetables, that claimed to be all natural and organic. I never realized that there was such a thing as organic macaroni and cheese. One product in particular that I noticed quite a bit was the brand called Simply Balanced, as well as another brand called Annie’s. I remembered seeing these brands before because I have plenty of friends on an organic food craze. Simply Balanced and Annie’s products advertised on their boxes to be free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. They also advertised non-GMO products and talked about how their products used fair trade practices, along with being environmentally and socially responsible. All these products had statements about their mission along the lines of providing, “great-tasting food that takes the guesswork out of eating well”. I had never realized before how much goes into the labeling on organic foods compared to normal food companies. They had all these different …

CourtneyThe Organic Food Takeover
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Thoughts on Eating Organic?

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by RebeccaLeave a Comment

I was wandering the isles of Whole Foods Market just like I do every time, or almost every time, I go shopping. I would consider myself a frequent Whole Foods Market shopper; though for the first time I actually paid attention to my surroundings and made observations as I purchased my usual grocery list. Out of habit, from how I was raised, I am usually drawn towards the organic labeled foods. Naturally, having a big sticker on the front of something that said “all natural” or “organic” just makes the product feel healthier. This is what I have always thought, but I have been doing my research and there are some foods that don’t need to be organic to be healthy. For example, as we learned in class, tortilla chips. It is actually usually not possible for tortilla chips to be 100% organic anyway due to how they are made…salt can never be organic. So why spend the extra fortune on certified organic chips? As I walked through the store I actually had fun (which seems weird to say; who …

RebeccaThoughts on Eating Organic?
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Learn more about organic food by visit the market

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal, Assigned Posts by Yijun1 Comment

Nowadays, more and more people started to focus on a health diet. That means people also pay more attention to the food they eat. How the food made, where is it come from, and how it grew. In the past few years most of farmer use pesticides when the food growing. The most serious pesticide case is DDT and it let people know that pesticides might harmful to human. After that some farmers began to study on make organic foods. In recent years, organic foods are started to show up in the market and more news reported the benefit of eating organic food. That is necessary to learn some knowledge about the organic food for helping us chose which food we are going to buy. Last weekend, I went to the whole food. I spent time to observed the organic foods there. In whole food almost half of foods are organic foods and on each products it label as ‘ORGANIC’ on the top and have a green background color. Also on the on-sale area, they also label the location of where …

YijunLearn more about organic food by visit the market
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To Buy or Not to Buy Organic Food

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Jenna1 Comment

The organic sector of the food market has been magnified in the public eye over the last two decades. It is growing at such a fast rate that it was only a small fraction of the food industry in one generation, and today it is the most profitable section in the food market. Even in my lifetime, I don’t remember my parents buying anything except conventional food as a child, but as an adult something organic is always in our house. The organic market has grown from individual products to whole stores dedicated to organic foods. I visited Whole Foods Market to gain more insight on the organic food market compared to the conventional food market.                 One of the major differences in conventional and organic products was the labeling and display. At Whole Foods, the organic products stand out because they have their own designated section. In the produce section of Whole Foods, the organic label was outlined in a green box which makes it the first word that catches the eye. The products lining the aisles had “organic” in large …

JennaTo Buy or Not to Buy Organic Food
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Difference between Organic Egg and Conventional Egg

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by AmberLeave a Comment

Recently, organic food industry become more and more popular and acceptable by consumers, and it seems like there are some magic and secret ingredients within the organic products attract the consumers to spend lots of money on them. However, do people really know what they are buying for and do people actually realize what does organic foods mean. I really doubt it. At least I did not know what’s the difference between the organic food and conventional food until I started to take food science class. I wanted to take the egg product as an example to find out the difference between the organic egg product and conventional egg product. In order to look at them in details, I brought two different large brown egg products from two different retail stores. One was the Best Choice Grade A Large Brown Eggs from Walmart, another was the Organic Valley Brown Eggs from Whole Food. The outer packing of the Best Choice brown egg was just an inexpensive and yellow-covered foam box while the Organic Valley brown eggs were packed inside a …

AmberDifference between Organic Egg and Conventional Egg
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Whole Foods Through The Eyes Of A Food Scientist

In # 3: Organic foods - up close and personal by Ashley3 Comments

This Saturday, I ventured out to  Whole Foods of Lincoln Nebraska, a store I used to shop at but rarely do anymore. Walking through the store two things came to my attention. The first was the price difference between organic and non-organic food. The second was the lack of USDA labeled organic food. Read on to hear my version of a trip to Whole Foods. The price difference between organic and non-organic food surprised me. Upon walking into the store the first thing I saw was a produce cart selling both organic and non-organic grapes. The organic grapes cost an entire dollar more per pound than the non-organic grapes. I noticed this difference all throughout the produce section and even into the dairy section. Organics constantly cost more than the other non-organic products. Speaking of surprising prices I was interest to learn that the wine at Whole Foods is cheaper than at the local HyVee. The lack of USDA labeled organic foods also surprised me on my trip to Whole Foods. Before, when I shopped there I never took time …

AshleyWhole Foods Through The Eyes Of A Food Scientist