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Vietnamese Street Food On My Mind

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I am always grateful for being born and growing up in Vietnam, a country that is best known for the famous Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup). Besides Pho Bo, Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) is also an another signature dish that everybody loves. But do you know that Pho Bo and Banh Mi are served as street food in Vietnam, not like in fancy Vietnamese restaurants here in America? When I first came to the United States, I craved a big bowl of hot noodle soup, but I had hard time finding an authentic-taste Vietnamese restaurants in Lincoln. Some of my friends recommended their favorite Vietnamese restaurants in town, but for some reasons they don’t taste too excellent to me. Spending almost 6 years in the US, travelling all around the country, I then realized one thing that Vietnamese food here missed is the “street atmosphere”, which is the spirit and soul of Vietnamese culture. Authentic Vietnamese food is not supposed to be fancy or served as high-end dishes. Although it’s street food, it is still very healthy and nutritious because …

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Depressing food

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As college students, you certainly know what it’s like to eat on a budget.  Perhaps the three most important requirement are that food should be filling, use simple ingredients, and above all, be cheap. Not that long ago, I was listening the the NPR show “Fresh Air“, and two authors describe how Americans ate during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  That was a time when there was great poverty and families struggled to put food on the table.  With the best of intentions, home economists and school lunch managers developed recipes and food plans that did indeed fill stomachs and stretched budgets.  In hindsight, however, these foods were awful, both in culinary terms and nutritionally. There was a lot of creamed stuff. As we begin our first unit on “food and culture”, it might be instructive to think about the economic and other social factors that influence what you eat.