Communication skill–why important?

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In the modern era, successful researchers are no longer just rely on hard working but building more connection with others. As a food science student, Since food science is a major that has highly relative relationship with the public health, we will need to stand up and express our work and opinions now and then, as well as answer people’s questions. It is important that we illustrate our ideas or results in a more straight-forward method. Without such skills, the general public might be disappointed or misunderstanding about our opinions since it is not easy to understand we. When we are the audience in a seminar, it is also necessary to listen and think about what presenter is talking about and to point out our questions. Good communication skill can let us understand people’s words and exchange our ideas with them.

Besides, It is crucial to let people understand what is food science since it is a kindly new principal. People often think that food science is studying nutrition. Thus, we need communication skill to explain to people what food science is. Furthermore, writing ability is also one of the important parts in communication skill. In the academic field, we need to write our research proposal and discuss a lot to show our hard work. As a science major student, we have to do our research. Since a research project usually is a teamwork, we should know how to communicate with our partners. Food science is an interaction discipline. We may need to work come from different background field in the future, so we need good communication skill to work with them and let we can quickly understand each other. Different people may specialize different research skills such as using instruments, calculating, repairing. A good communication skill can link we and our partners coherently and therefore work more efficiently. Thus, don’t only just improve studying ability but also improve communication skill, because it is essential if we want to be a successful food science student.


QiyueCommunication skill–why important?

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