Confusion of the sodium nitrite

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Sodium nitrite is the inorganic compound. It is used in meat curing, coloring and such as these kind of industrial processing.  It is able to delay the oxidative rancidity development due to the react with free radicals, terminating the cycle of lipid oxidation that leads to rancidity. But many experiment showed that an increased incidence of stomach cancer nitrite in food is associated with it.  That most of us think about the sodium nitrite.

It is well known as toxic compound in food, it does have negative effects. As reported that sodium nitrite can cause the oxidative damage to the cell membrane, what’s more, it also do harm to liver tissue for it can elevate the enzymes activity in liver connecting with the oxidative stress. The experiment was carried on in animal like rat. To be honest, sodium nitrite can result in a decrease in spatial learning ability and memory in rats which has already been proved. These are the more about what we think sodium nitrite is.

However, it has some benefits as well. Sodium nitrite can be used as the antimicrobial additive in food products. It has the function of delaying the botulinum toxin’s development. Once has been proved that the sodium nitrite have the ability to improve the motor function when exercising on old mice. These things are what we ignore or do not have access to know about. Only when we go deeper in the field can we put our hand on it. What’s more about the sodium nitrite is that it is able to go into the enterosalivary circuit. After the nitrite is swallowed, it can be reduced to NO in the condition of acidity in the stomach which is critical to the antihypertensive effects. The first time I read the article I was shocked by this. Because all the time when it comes to sodium nitrite the word toxicity came in to my mind. I don’t even think about the benefit it have.

Actually, Nitrite itself is not carcinogenic, but in the acidic environment of the stomach. Nitrite and amino acid decomposition products of amine can interact with each other and then start the nitrosation reaction, which produce carcinogens N-nitroso compounds.Vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as allicin, phenols, flavonoids active substances have a certain role in blocking the nitrosation reaction, and moderate to eat rich in vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamin E nuts, As well as garlic, tea and other foods, is conducive to inhibition of nitrite. So a certain limit of sodium nitrite does not affect health.

ChunConfusion of the sodium nitrite

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