Fats Are in Fact Your Friend

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“Why your diet should include more fat” written by Mallory Creveling is posted on CNN.com.  The article is based around 5 myths on fat in your diet; 1) Fat on my plate equals fat on my body, 2) Saturated fat should get a big fat “I’ll pass”, 3) All fat causes health problems, 4) High-Cholesterol foods raise your LDL cholesterol levels, and 5) Fat will keep me from my fitness goals.

Creveling debunks each myth, generally saying that a healthy amount of fat in your diet is good.  She explains how eating fats makes you feel fuller and more satisfied, along with keeping your metabolism high.  This contradicts that when someone wants to diet, they should not eat any fats.  She also talked about how fat from fish, nuts, seeds, and avocados can in fact cut your risk of heart disease.  Creveling also mentioned the ketogenic diet; a diet that gets 75% of your daily calories from fat.  Athletes use this diet to change their metabolism, and eventually burn off stored fat rather than food you’ve eaten.

I enjoyed reading this article, and thought it was accurate.  Creveling touched on some things that we discussed in class.  For example, how processed carbs lead to more of an unhealthy lifestyle, compared to fats.  Also, in general, how fats are an important part of any diet, and should not be left out.  I’m not sure how objective her viewpoints on this issue are, considering she is a writer for the website Daily Burn.  Even still, her facts seemed consistent to what we learned in class.  Most of the research she cited led me to the Daily Burn website.  This makes me think that some of the views could be biased, but after reading some of these linked articles, they were factual and not persuasive articles promoting products.

In the end, this was a good article trying to educate the public on a healthier diet.  I believe the terminology and explanations were understandable to anyone, not just a Food Science Major. This is a step in the right direction for a healthier public.

LucasFats Are in Fact Your Friend

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