Free-Range Chickens and their Sunny Side Eggs

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The article I found is from the Daily News website and it is about how free-range chicken eggs provide more vitamin D than regular chickens. Their argument is that since the chickens are able to run free they are able to get more sun than chickens coped up in dark cages. In the article it says that vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” and the chickens soaked it up more being raised free-ranged than the commercial way. The article did mention a study done by the University of Readings, but the only information that they added about it is the study is the results. They did not add much about what they did or the science behind the study or how the eggs get more vitamin D than normal eggs. This is a great article to show that the reporter did not do a lot of researching about what they were writing about. Besides the study their only other argument is that the chicken eggs have more vitamin because they are in the sun more. Towards the end of the article the reporter adds that their are health benefits as to help prevent Rickets, immune health, and depression. I personally would not believe this article as is, without doing more research on the topic and the study that they referred.

NicoleFree-Range Chickens and their Sunny Side Eggs

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