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Films about foods and beverages have long been popular, in part because of how familiar the subjects are to film-goers.  Of course, there are documentary and non-documentary films, with many of the latter actually about something other than food.  Some of my favorites include:

Sideways, a buddy movie, a road movie, and a love story, all told while the protagonists make their way through the California wineries and restaurants.

Julie and Julia, a past and present film about the famous TV chef, Julia Child.

Waitress, a movie about love, marriage, and pies.

Chocolat (needs no further description!)

Chef, Big Night, and The Hundred-Foot Journey are great movies about restaurants and chefs.

There are also plenty of provocative documentary films about food.  Many have an obvious political viewpoint (like Fed Up, Food Inc., and Supersize Me).  It’s important to watch these films with a critical eye, as there are many counter-arguments that can be made contrary to the views of the film-maker.

In any event, I imagine you have your own list of favorite movies about food.  Yes?



  1. I love documentaries in general, and when i find a good food one i havent seen i watch it immediately. Other than that i’m not entirely interested in food based movies, maybe because i advent seen a very interesting one, but i very much enjoy food/cooking shows. On another note, I just watched I Love You, Man (movie) for the first time and they mention Chocolat multiple times, which i havent seen. It is a very funny movie if you haven’t seen it yet!

  2. I have always been a fan of food based TV shows, movies, and documentaries throughout my life. I have been a huge fan of shows made by Anthony Bourdain, which look at food and sometimes brings in an interesting political ideal that I wouldn’t have expected. I also enjoy watching those biased documentaries for the sole purpose of understanding the opposing side of the food issue. Many of the movies mentioned in the post are some fun and exciting movies that focus on food and I enjoy them very much.

  3. I always enjoyed food based movies, TV shows, etc because who honestly doesnt love watching food well never be able to cook get made. I always grew envious of these movies because theres no way i could ever cook like that in my life. Another reason i enjoy these movies is the issues some of them talk about. Its always nice when a movie that doesnt seem political is political and really talks about important issues dealing with food. So overall i feel these movies are fun and also important.

  4. I love food, and of course I love watching shows, documentaries, and movies about food. My all time favorite food movie is Ratatouille (an animated cartoon by Disney about a rat that dreams about being a chef). No Reservations (main female character played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) is also one of my favorites. Same as you, I love Chef, The Hundred-Foot Journey. and Julie and Julia. Spotify Premium now also includes Hulu Streaming and costs for only $5.99/month. I am very excited about that since I can listen to whole bunch of Nutrition, Food, Health, and Lifestyle podcasts, as well as watch lots of food shows and movies with no limits.

  5. Food based movies were kind of ruined for me when I was in 8th grade. My teacher made us watch “Supersize Me” and to this day it is still my least favorite movie. Watching someone eat McDonald’s everyday, and throwing up said McDonald’s is just not entertainment to me. I’m open to food based movies but only if it’s about the science of the food, not about how much fast food can I eat before I die.

  6. Of course, I enjoy food. I also enjoy learning about food and watching tv shows about food. Supersize me is one of my favorites, and has always been something I find very interesting. Next top chef is also one I have always enjoyed watching.

  7. Going through Culinary School, I’ve seen a handful of these movies! They, for the most part, were very good and interesting! There’s also a BBC 6 show mini series that I’ve come to watch and enjoy called Whites that is mainly a comedic version of the life of a chef. Another of my favorite movies not listed above is Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper, I highly recommend that movie as well, as it details kind of the rough edges and life of a chef. Lastly, I think food documentaries are also great to watch, full of information, but it can also give bad connotations of the food industry, which isn’t always good.

  8. Not a huge fan of food based movies but I sure love cooking competition shows, the chefs’ creativity and skills are put on test, learning secrets, dos and don’ts in the world of culinary is one of the best I could get. Nevertheless, Food Evolution that was screened a few days ago was truly something that gave me an insight towards GMO, I wish there will be more screening of topic related movies in the future.

  9. I love food based movies. I feel like food is something that brings everyone together and is one of the few experiences in movies that a majority of people will have in common. We all love food, eat food, and sometimes fight over or with food. Some of my favorite movie quotes are based off of food like “Gimme some of your tots” or “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.”

  10. Food-based documentaries and movies have always been entertaining and enjoyable to me. I love seeing new technologies and I enjoy seeing each side of the food spectrum, such as GMO and the anti-GMO sides. I remember watching Super Size Me for a health class in 9th grade, and that is what initially got me started on becoming interested in food science.

  11. Julie and Julia is one of my favorite movies! I have always enjoyed watching food documentaries and also listening to podcasts about the history of foods. I especially enjoyed the IFT Food Evolution documentary. It was extremely insightful and will hopefully help educate the public about what they are eating!

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