Food safety has my vote

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As noted in the previous post, there are several very specific food-related issues that will be on voters’ ballots in various states or cities.  However, nationally, food has hardly been mentioned at all.  Indeed, the candidates for President have not discussed (in public at least) anything specifically related to food, agriculture, or nutrition (except that they like the food in whatever state they are campaigning).

Nonetheless, food-related issues are relevant in several major respects.  Immigration policy will have a major impact on agriculture as much of the fruit and produce we eat is harvested by guest workers from other countries.  More restrictive immigration laws will also affect the restaurant and food service industry who depend on foreign-born workers.  Likewise, minimum wage laws could certainly affect this industry.

As food scientists, perhaps the most serious concern is whether the next leader of the free world will continue to support regulations and agencies responsible for ensuring food safety.  This has been one of the few issues for which bipartisanship exist.  The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), passed by Congress in 2010 and signed by President Obama in 2011, is evidence of this support for food safety regulations.

Polling surveys indicate that both parties support food safety regulations (a bit more by Democrats than by Republicans), but overall, this has been a nonpartisan issue.  Whether food and water safety regulations will be subject to the temporary moratorium advocated by Mr. Trump, is not clear.  Food safety is just as important to farmers, processors, and the food industry as it is to consumers.  Thus, there may well be bipartisan resistance to any effort to reduce food safety regulations.


ProfFood safety has my vote


  1. Courtney

    I find it interesting that food is something that affects every American, yet none of the candidates have mentioned their ideas on this subject. I think that food needs to be discussed more during elections, that way Americans can feel more educated about laws regarding food safety, as well as products in their home.

  2. Phillip

    This is an interesting article. With this being an election year, I am surprised that the topic of food has not been brought up more. I feel like there should be more discussion of topics such a food labeling, food safety, and obesity. These are all important topics from the food industry that affects Americans on a day to day basis. These are very important issues that should be brought up more often. If there was more education over these topics, it could start to become a greater talking point around the United States.

  3. Chun

    To be honest, I did’t pay much attention on the election. But in the recent years the food safety problem became a hot topic in China, every city intend to build as food problem free city. Food safety is a problem that concerning every citizen, it is curious that no candidate pay attention to this problem, I think food problem should be strengthened so that make the people at ease about what they eat.

  4. Amber

    Personally speaking, I don’t know a lot about the election. However, I do surprise that both the two parties pay lots of attention in food safety problem, which is a good thing. I think they should consider more in this issue such as focusing not just on recent food problems but also consider some useful prevention method to lower the foodborn illness issue.

  5. Madeline

    Food safety and clean water are insanely important to the world! I recently watched the documentary Before the Flood which was all about climate change and partially about food. The supply for clean water is constantly diminishing because people are ignorant about how they are affecting the planet. The glaciers are melting at rapid rates and throwing off the balance of the oceans. Obviously carbon emissions are a huge issue, but I don’t think people know how many areas of our lives carbon effects. One of the most interesting things mentioned in the film was about how cows contribute to carbon emissions. A huge portion of land in the US is dedicated to feeding and raising cows. They eat until they can’t eat anymore and burp up a lot of carbon in the process. If we dedicated less land to cows and consumed less beef, there could be a significant decrease in the carbon footprint.

    This film was actually really awesome if anyone is interested:

  6. Kaylee

    This post is very accurate regarding the candidates who are running for president. Most of their efforts have been calling each other out about issues not regarding this topic at all. I find it extremely upsetting that these individuals who are running for president have not touched on this issues that much. Many voters are not aware of these consequences that may arise with the new president. Dependent upon who wins this election will be crucial to how agriculture, food safety, etc. will change. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow.

  7. Mae

    While watching their debates and campaigns, I didn’t even realize that both the candidates did not touch on the matter. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think they should have a least talked about it. Food safety is often overlooked – which should not be the case. Little did they know that, it matters and it matters a lot to the lives of the citizens. Why waste extra money on awareness programs when the best channel for them to bring the topic to light to the fellow citizens is through their campaigns? I’m pretty sure a larger population of the society tunes into their campaigns and debates compared to the population who attends awareness programs.

  8. Lauren

    Agriculture is essentially the backbone of America. It is what this country was founded and grown on. It surprised me throughout this election that agriculture and the issues surrounding it were not brought up more than they were. I found several articles shared on social media that talked about the brief statements that both candidates had made regarding anything agriculture related, but not many to help sway a voter one way or another if they were specifically voting for a candidate who was passionate about agriculture. However, as stated in this post, so many things that the candidates support or argue against, relate to food directly or indirectly. Therefore, if one did a little research about the issues that both Hillary and Trump discussed, I’m sure one way or another they could determine what kind of agricultural supporter they would be. Happy Election Day!

  9. Leo

    I agree with Courtney that food should be discussed more during elections. Hopefully, if people start talking about food more, they’ll become better educated about issues in the food industry, and not blindly believe everything they hear or read. There’s too much false information floating around that has the potential to really harm the industry, and set us back from progress.

  10. Luke

    with how the current presidential election, no one knows what is going to happen. neither of the candidates inspires much faith and they have totally different policies on most major points. However, the one point that I’ll think that they’ll agree on is the food safety programs. The current programs are agreed upon by just about everyone and the common person likes where they are. thankfully food safety is one of the few things that will be safe this election season.

  11. Shane

    I have never really thought about how either candidate haven’t mentioned anything about food safety or food in general. Food is a very big part in everyone lives and affects everyone in some sort of way. It will be interesting to see if Trump will do anything during is presidency dealing with agriculture and food.

  12. Tanner

    I never really thought twice about the fact that we haven’t heard anything from either candidate about food safety, or anything relating to food. Now that the election is over, I personally think that Trump will do a good job at continuing food safety the way it has been, but I am interested to see if he might change something in the near future.

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