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Some More Molecular Gastronomy

In BONUS by Casie

I’ve personally been a fan of molecular gastronomy for quite a while, but I didn’t know that the subject of studying and manipulating the science of food actually had a name until I took this class. Recipes that bent the way that some foods worked have fascinated me for a …

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Climate Change Today

In # 13: Communicating food science by Casie

This article from USA Today by Doyle Rice states that some scientists have said that our planet is “already past the point of no return for global warming.” It is explained that many scientists have come to the conclusion that simply trying to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that …

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Strawberry Ice Cream in a New Form

In # 10: Molecular Gastronomy by Casie

The recipe, inspired by chef Seiji Yamamoto, is basically powdered, freeze dried strawberry ice cream in a strawberry candy shell. First, the strawberries are cut into thin slices before being placed in a plastic pouch with some sugar and sous vide for about ten minutes. The strawberry and sugar mixture …

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Lundberg Family Farms

In # 9: Sustainability by Casie

Lundberg Family Farms is a company focused on sustainable farming. Their business is located in the Sacramento Valley in California. The four main goals of the company are to “create and implement energy reduction projects, improve operations to reduce waste and explore new single stream recycling options, increase documentation to …

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What Makes Milk and Meat What They Are?

In # 6. Plant-based meat by Casie

While I don’t exactly have the strongest opinion on whether or not labeling plant-based milks and meats as just milk and meat should be illegal, I do lean a bit more towards the side of accurate labeling. I think that it all mostly comes down to what defines milk as …