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Corn, Is It Really So Bad?

In # 13: Communicating food science by Heather

After having watched an episode of a TV show that “ruins” certain things in our everyday lives, I had found myself looking at corn with confusion. My mom, a 10 year colorectal cancer survivor with celiac, under the instruction of her gastroenterologist, has used corn flour in place of wheat …

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Cheap Healthy Food at the Drive Through?

In # 3: Junk Food Dissuasion by Heather

Obesity is a growing epidemic in our country. A lot of what contributes to this epidemic is the hunger epidemic in our country. Fast food companies know that they can turn a fast profit by having a value menu and making certain menu items cheap. When a person doesn’t have …

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The Unwelcoming Welcome Mat

In # 2. COVID, beyond 2020 by Heather

We are in a unique and surreal situation that most of us would have never imagined, living during a pandemic. The rate at which the disease of Covid-19 has spread and is spreading is unprecedented. Though it is wise and strongly recommended for everyone to stay home to try to …