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New Opportunity is Knocking

In # 8. Appetite for edibles? by Japhet

Dear sir, the Director of Product Development; you department have showed a great level of innovation and professionalism as we continue to beat the competition in food industry by providing customers with new and innovative products they need so I thank you for that. I know you have noticed a …

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Court verdict on the case against GMO ruling.

In # 7: Labeling GMOs by Japhet

After hearing this case in which USDA is accused by anti-GMO group of the following: (1) allowing the use of the term ‘bioengineered’ instead of GMO. (2) exempting minor ingredients or components. (3) allowing electronic or digital labels instead of on-package labeling. And after careful consideration; with the power invested …

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Covid-19 Made Simple as an Ankle Sprain.

In # 2. COVID, beyond 2020 by Japhet

This covid era, came with everything new, we saw everything we were not accustomed to and we had to quickly adjust or suffer. We started isolating, putting on masks, staying indoors, not being able to hug our friends or even see their faces and smiles all in the name of …