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3 Day Tomato Gazpacho

In # 10: Molecular Gastronomy by Katelynn

While looking through loads of recipes, I found a tomato gazpacho that takes 3 days for all the setting to occur. While I have made many desserts in the past that were multi-day preparations, I never had seen gazpacho take that long. A very long recipe short, you make gazpacho …

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Unilever direction towards sustainability

In # 9: Sustainability by Katelynn

Unilever is the parent company of big brands like Ben and Jerry’s and Dove. Unilever’s sustainability program is marketed as sustainable living due to the range of their product lines. Unilever is following the guidelines laid out by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of 2015. This initiative was developed …

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Undercover Peanuts

In # 5: Food allergens in the news by Katelynn

Would you like some peanuts with your cheese crackers? Well, in May of this year Ritz had a packaging error that placed peanut butter filled crackers in packaging labeled cheese filled cracker. Luckily, there were no incidents that came from the situation, but interestingly the article makes a point to …

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Fair-Trade Coffee

In # 4: Organic foods and ethical labels by Katelynn

While sipping on my coffee, after not finding anything that stood out to me in the grocery store, I remembered seeing a coffee brand at a Baker’s a few months back. What I found was not the exact same coffee, but it does have the same type of labeling. On …

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In # 2. COVID, beyond 2020 by Katelynn

As someone that loves to travel to try new foods, finding ingredients from around the world to recreate recipes in the COVID-19 era is either nonexistent in grocery stores, international stores being overly expensive, or triple the price on amazon. That is where my app would come in. Let’s say …