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Listeria monocytogenes food poisoning.

In BONUS by La Fontaine

In this class throughout certain lectures, we have seen that food safety is very important to consumers. If is also important for producers because quality food products keep food companies in business. Food poisoning is one of the world’s issues that either comes from food production or how consumers prepare …

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cannabis, innovating the food industry.

In # 8. Appetite for edibles? by La Fontaine

While reading through different research papers, I realized that not only would including cannabis in food ingredients lead to food industry profitability, but also serve as medication to certain consumers. Several countries worldwide have already legalized cannabis and it is now being used to innovate foods in the food industry …

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GMOs in Today’s world

In # 7: Labeling GMOs by La Fontaine

Not only should Genetically modified organisms or foods be labeled with GMO labels, but also companies that produce such products should be public so that people know what to look for and where to find it. As it is well known, genetically modified foods are either plants of animal foods …

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Food evolution, Plant based dairy products

In # 6. Plant-based meat by La Fontaine People eat different kinds of foods because of different reasons such as religion backgrounds, influences from friends and families, as well as how different foods are labeled. When I was back home in Africa, I never cared about food labeling basically because I wasn’t aware of labels and what …

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Immunity and food allergy

In # 5: Food allergens in the news by La Fontaine While back home, I mean Rwanda, I was less aware of food allergy or what can cause food allergies. I only heard people talk about it, but I was less interested in what it was. There are even not many people with food allergies there. When I came to …