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Fast food addiction among young generation

In BONUS by Maxime

Everyone want to be healthier, everyone want to stay fit and maintain their dream body weight. but sometimes it is hard to maintain it and is a hard assignment for many people especially young generation. Sometimes I ask myself why it is so easy to go out in weekend and …

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Better choices

In # 7: Labeling GMOs by Maxime

I judge, after considering the safety of society and as it is my responsibility to protect the society, I have carefully analyzed all ideas given by the anti-GMO group against the ASDA for the following arguments:1) allowing the use of the term ‘bioengineered’ instead of GMO; (2) exempting minor ingredients …

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In # 6. Plant-based meat by Maxime

Over the past few years, several states have passed laws prohibiting plant-based meat products from being labeled as beef or meat. We can ask ourselves if this is just about the name or if it is about the market since plant-based meat and milk products are being noticed and getting …

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we have had enough, it is time for action

In # 3: Junk Food Dissuasion by Maxime

AS a member of Governor’s advisory committee on food and health, it is our duty to help people fight the obesity as many number of our people are struggling to make right nutrition choices and stay physically active. We all know Obesity increases risk of chronic diseases like diabetes 2, …

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Anti-depression storytime show

In # 2. COVID, beyond 2020 by Maxime

During this pandemic season, many things have changed a lot in our everyday life. some of us do not have time to do some minor activities that we used to do in our everyday activities, some jobs are not fun anymore as they used to be and some people do …

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My feelings toward French fries and meat

In # 1: You are what you eat by Maxime

In my childhood, I had two favorite foods in my life until this minute. You can try to what my two favorite foods are, you may be thinking about ice cream and chocolate because nowadays everybody especially young people crave for them, but you are wrong; my favorite foods are …