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Smells and Foods

In # 13: Communicating food science by Molly

The food interview that I found is from NPR that discusses the topic of foods and their different smells. The interviewer talks to food science writer Harold McGee about the science of smell. McGee is a well-known food scientist who has written many books and articles regarding food. McGee became …

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Transparent Ravioli

In # 10: Molecular Gastronomy by Molly

I love a good plate of ravioli and to think that you can make ravioli that is transparent is crazy to me. This recipe uses soy lecithin in the edible film disc wraps called oblates. These can be filled with any choice of filling that has low-water content. In order …

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Globally Greener

In # 9: Sustainability by Molly

In 2018 Starbucks announces a commitment to global greener stores. They wanted to build upon a legacy of being the world’s largest retail builder of Leed certified stores. They had a goal of creating 10000 “greener stores” by 2025. The CEO of Starbucks said that “simply put, sustainable coffee, served …

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Producing Edibles: Yes or No?

In # 8. Appetite for edibles? by Molly

To whom it may concern I am writing in regard to how to address the cannabis edibles trend. I can see the hesitation one can have in terms of selling cannabis products especially because US federal laws say that recreational cannabis is illegal. Despite this, some states have legalized it …

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Food Labels

In # 4: Organic foods and ethical labels by Molly

My search for ethical labels lead me to a lot more foods then I thought it would. I found teas, chips, eggs, and lots of other foods. One item that specifically caught my eye is spices from Frontier Co-op. The ceylon cinnamon along with some of the other spices have …

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Influence of Food

In # 1: You are what you eat by Molly

Food is a very simple thing. Yet it is something that means something different to everyone. To me, food offers the opportunity to unite my friends and family. For as long as I can remember my family has had family dinners together every night. It didn’t matter what we were …